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titleToledo cityscape
locationToledo, Spain
sourceforum user buho
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 4.11, total votes: 388
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Oles 5/5 from Ukraine Kamjanets-Podilsky  
vitacit reminds me bratislava, slovakia at some point))))) 5/5 from slovakia  
Towersla Spain, one people, one country! Love from Los Angeles.  +3
rpl 5/5 I'll be there by october!  +1
NaMosca One of the most impressive medieval cities in Europe  +1
CactusLord Best medieval skyline by far 5/5 from Spain  +1
Mesopotamico 5/5 from Argentina  +2
davroca5 5/5 from Barcelona!  +1
Koloman Que preciosidad! 5/5 from Viena/Austria  +1
lucas_94 love medieval cities!  
añez amazing  
P_David 5 from Venezuela!  +1
Almansiniko La Ciudad Imperial! 5/5  +2
XXTREM75 5/5 astonishing landscape!!  
susamuruago Toledo is historically well known for manufacturing swords :)  
sammyh 5/5 from Algiers  +1
Inquisitor One of the best medieval skylines!  
LICharlie1 5/5 Toldeo wonderful and historic  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
SpiderBHZ 5  
simondk Toledo - home of the spanish inquisition... I gave it 5 stars :)  +1
Packie 5 from Kraków, Poland!  
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  
marcin954 Toledo is awesome! Producers should their film shoot overthere!  +1
Demadestro+ 5!!! Toledo, Jewel of the World!  +1
username unnecessary Beautiful picture! Very clear in spite of the depth! Fantastic! 5*!  +1
jio1992 5/5 from Georgia!  +1
prisma 5/5 from the UK  
Stazhar 5/5 from Belarus  +1
Jav :)  
cuartango Toledo, one of the wonders of Castilla, ¡preciosa!  +3