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titleBoa Vista Aerial
locationBoa Vista, Brazil
infoAerial view of the Branco river and part of the city
sourcedigitalimagemrr at Instagram
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 3.26, total votes: 290
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ArtZ Poor quality, 2/5  
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
eduardoazul 5/5  +1
Sr.Smih 5/5 from Manaus! Love Boa Vista!  +1
Tourniquet 5/5  +1
crisiso 5/5 from Cambori├║, Brazil  +1
IamRec 5/5 from Rec, Brazil  +1
willpessoa 5/5  +1
RenatoRodrigues.BVRR Boa Vista beautiful, which we affectionately call BV.  +1
davi-mcp 5/5 From Mcp :)  +1
THIOLI 5/5 from Foz do Igua├žu, Brazil  +1
RecHub 5/5 from Recife, Brazil.  +1
AlexVerd4o 5/5 from Palmas :)  +1
v-sun boa edan  +1
Luiz Vilela very nice river shot. Is it sunrise or sundown?  +2
jvitor2012 It's a sundown! :)  
Arthur Baz Really? It looks so much like a sunrise  
Manauaras Boa Vista is a wondeful city in the Amazon region! I had a pleasure to live there for few months. I'd like to return there to visit my mates and to see the amazing places just BV has!  +2
aoz1974 Zero skyline  
Su34 1/5  
jvitor2012 My wonderful city! :D  +2
dwhershberger Boa Vista is hot!  
SpiderBHZ 3  
Robson Braga Amazing view. Boa Vista rainha, adorei! Quem enviou essa foto merece um beijo, arrasou.  +2
Raffael Rocha Boa Vista *---*  
Arthur Baz Boa Vista means wonderful view in Portuguese... And what a wonderful sunrise!  +2
Arthur Baz Correcting myself. It means Nice View hahahah, wonderful view would be Bela Vista  +1
CCs77 well, I think Bela Vista would be more like Beautiful view. Wonderful view would be vista maravilhosa.  +2
Gutovsky It is great anyways! Hehehe  +1
Arthur Baz @CCs77 yeah, but wonderful view sounds a bit strange for a city name. Anyways, translations may vary and I was falling asleep hahah.