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titleBarcelona Metro Line 10 South
locationBarcelona, Spain
infoExterior section of the new metro line of Barcelona, the L10 South (L10 Sud in Catalan). This section will open in 2019 and will communicate Zona Franca district, the main industrial district of Barcelona, with 4 new outer stations and 4 new underground stations.
sourceforum user davroca5
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 1.85, total votes: 416
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UHW 4/5  
archifect flop 15 please!!  +2
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
43:37 wtf  
NW Mike Wow! Concrete..  +1
LaPaz Urbanismo KK  
sandiego i love spain but this is not spain -1  
eduardoazul Horroroso, horrible, muy feo, ugly, cruiz credo!!  +2
SammyJohn shipping containers in the back left?  
Daortíz Que fea se ve barcelona... -5.0  +1
midrise Looks like a set of two elevated tracks/roads that could be any where in the world.  +3
midrise Why is this worthy of such a great city??......Shame on this stupid so called banner.....What is the purpose???...It tells me nothing which I have not seen before.  
Tiaren Gorgeous view!  +2
nachop666 Una pija. Con lo linda que es Barcelona!  
Intoxication Ugly! 1/5!  
CCs77 I usually like when sometimes a banner is different then the usual skyline, like a rural or natural setting, or, as could have been the case with this picture, a special composition, playing with perspective. But in the case of this picture, I don't think is banner-worthy, at all.  +4
Sorvete na Testa 1/5 If I could have balloted a negative number, I'd have done that.  +2
añez this is not Barcelona  
Slartibartfas My first 1/5 here  +2
sidney_jec great city, chutiya banner  +1
ixs 6/5  
goschio Not as good as german Kraftwerk banner.  +2
GGJ16 Better picture: [link]  +1
Drill Uninteresting  +1
Kozhedub Love the cargo containers. 2/5  +1
meteoforumitalia can't help stopping looking at them  
Alfredo Di Stefano 0/5  
Packie flop 15  
tur There is big chance that it will be the worst banner in history of this forum! ;)  +10
Deepak Kadam It has already been listed in the "flop 15" at #15.  
Ricardo31330 1/5  +2
Ricardo31330 esta foto no debería ir ahí es solo una estructura que no tiene nada de especial  +1
bodypainter Sorry, but this is one of the worst since a long time.  +3
AbdurrehmanKhan the banners for the past 2 days have been really unimpressive :/  
Timoteo Samuel It's a new perspective, not like those always looking from above. I like it! 5 stars from Brasil  
SpiderBHZ Zero  +1
Hps95 1/5  +6
iaafosci sorry , i need more ....the idea of teh barcelona metro on the banner is fascinating , but this picture does not do justice to it ...  +1
Leonidych 5/5 from Ufa, Russia  
redcode the metro line sounds great. but the banner itself doesn't. 1/5  +2
defy 5 to Catalunya!  
Viva_Bulgaria Indeed, every Spanish region deserves a 5 but this picture really does not. I will simply not vote because I can't give Spain less than 5 points  +3
meteoforumitalia unbelievable, majestic  
Cadaeib Stunning ! Really beautiful  +1
pberz fascinating  +1
Deepak Kadam What's so unique in this picture? Concrete piers? :/  +11
CCs77 yeah... and containers!!!  +2