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titleKigali Skyline
locationKigali, Rwanda
infoKigali's natural landscape is fitting for being the capital of Rwanda, known as "Land of a Thousand Hills". Twenty-three years ago, this city was ground zero for the Rwandan Genocide. Today, this clean, modern, and dynamic city is known as the "Singapore of Africa". For more information on this tiny nation's miraculous recovery, visit the SSC African forum.
sourceBaron Reznik at Flickr
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goschio I love Kigali. The gateway to the heart of Africa.  
jaymedari 5/5  
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
falp6 Is very impressive the growing of this city. 5/5 from Colombia  
ÇevRim_Dışı 5/5 from Turkey  +1
Kigali_Paris Picture taken from the scenic road to Musanze. 5/5  +2
coolspooky 5/5 from Bosnia and Herzegovina  
midrise A true Phoenix has risen.....great for our Kigali brothers/sisters........God bless too all....and Hoppy Easter!!!  
midrise 10/5 for rising from Hell.  
Leonidych 5 Rwanda from Sunny Bashkiria  
RODDAS Nice one  +1
RODDAS Kigali on the up!!  +1
SpiderBHZ 2  
Pak_Forever 5/5 from Karachi, Pakistan  
Jussi Vatanen I like it. 5  +2
talya Beautiful Kigali 5/5  +2
Sunkid 5 for unusual Africa  +1
Sky_SF 4/5, for more African skylines.  +1
paguma larvata fantastic! GO AFRICA. Your friends from Pakistan  +4
BenjaminEli 5/5 quality landscape and city  +2
blantyre bazaar Pretty chill banner.  +1
Intoxication 4/5  
redcode 4/5  
Cadaeib Nice skyline for Africa. 2 from France