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titlePolanco District skyline and Chapultepec Castle in
locationMexico City, Mexico
sourceforum user yuki_nom_ichi
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 3.29, total votes: 354
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edwardloz That castle in the middle of the park, in the middle of the city. Really like it!  
MEMO-MICHDF My beautiful city!! Love it!!  
100%catracho Una ciudad hermosa pero con mejores vistas que esta. 3/5  
luar25 Beautiful, classic and modern at the same time that is the CDMX  
Sr.Smih I prefer Sao Paolo. 1/5 from Poland  
riveraconde Nice pic, perhaps not quite the best angle or resolution. 4/5 from Mexico City.  
Prot7 Nice view from the Capital of Latin America!  +6
daniarl 5 from Endor  
Nassler Desert nice city  
mike_blum 5 from Russia  
eduardoazul I do not see beauty in this photo!  +2
Prot7 Because you're brazilian, probably you don't like other skylines excepting the monotonous ones of Brazi that look the same.  +5
Sr.Smih Prot7, remember that Mexico is not in top 10 banners, neither in top 20, where Brazil is 3 times.  +1
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
Jerusienn Awesome view of the city  
Ah! Monterrey Just a different Angle.  
Sierrja 5/5 beautiful city  +1
mexmatt 4/5. A different angle would have highlighted the castle more, and would have shown many more buildings.  
PeterManc Not the best image perhaps, but this is a city I really want to visit. So 5/5.  
BECK need more light to chapultepec castle  
JOHANNES1983 5/5 from Colombia!  +1
Forza_imperial Pues se ve ''chido'' el castillo un 4  
Mr. Burns 1 nothing special  +6
SpiderBHZ 1  +2
Arestullah 3 from Palembang, Indonesia  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +3
Libidito Mexico, I love it!  
XA-DUG Not good. The image of Chapultepec Castle is misleading, since it seems to be settled on a flat ground, and the background seems also flat...  
JorgeORandall 5/5 And always Trump Jealous fans come here to rate this with a numbre 1 star hahaha  
GOI buenisima panoramica  +1
WiChOk Lindo... 4/5 from TRC MX  
lezgotolondon 1/5 from the other side of the Great Trump Wall [sponsored by Mexico]  +11
PoLy_MX [link]  +2
blogcraft The one Republican congress just denied? LOL  
Alvaro95 Mexico have good skyscrapers, but this view is a little bad...  +1
DespoT.кr 1/5  +2