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titleDisneyland Paris
locationParis, France
infoCarriage parade in Disney resort.
sourceforum user alserrod
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 1.74, total votes: 341
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alarhu LMAO  
Lr2304 Trash 1/1  +1
ferro_ Such a crappy photo.  
Mr_Wolfie 1/1 Wtf...  
Mr_Wolfie 1  
Tiozão 1...  
John20 ok  
Mau506 Not everything is skyscrapers, it's good to see fancy Disneyland arquitecture here ;) 5/5  +1
midrise I smell a rat....I mean mouse.  +1
parcdesprinces what havet ey dine  
ArtZ What a boring stuff...  
lumix153 Macron for president!!!!!  +1
A Chicagoan 3/5. It's not a bad photo, but it's kind of boring and doesn't really relate to skyscrapers.  
Lino there's more to a city than towers, especially when you refer to a historic city such as Lisbon  +1
KiffKiff The most popular/visited/famous theme park in Europe, but I prefer Puy du Fou, most epic and spectacular.  +1
BaltimoreColts wt??? not a city no modes here?  
vanix 1/5 .____.  
GatsbyGatz 1. Not a city; 2. Not even a good photo of Disneyland.  
Bailbondssh Don't vote for Macron!  +1
dydyusa I'll vote for him ! Globalist elite will win :)  
Bailbondssh Good for you dydyusa, enjoy civil war ;)  
Packie flop 15  
lezgotolondon 1/5 from the globalist shill Macaron  +1
dydyusa Vive Macron !  +1
Andrezito Disney for me only in Orlando, USA.  
eomer A bit old fashioned now.  
redcode 1/5  
kisssme i prefer parc Asterix  +2
catcha magnifique! :troll:  
Nightjar WTF is this sh*t?  +3
Lino Museum for Art, Architecture and Technology by the Tejo...  
Ivan the Immigrant Cool!.....5/5 :)  
Rokugatsu Disneyland? Really? NEXT Should do an European amusement park cup :)  
ikeamen MARINE!  +4
Slartibartfas Keep that nonsense out of here!  +3
dydyusa Macron !  +1
damarsinyo flop 15  +5
fruit&nut Nothing against Paris or Disneyland, but that picture has no structure, framing, perspective or even content almost. Not good 1/5  +13
yabbes +1 ;)  
Ivan the Immigrant Picture is very good. It has content for sure.  
Papont Bwahahaha! France still has great skylines!  
dydyusa Yes, I'll vote Macron to make France great again.  
Anticalaca Aló? Por qué se resisten eh? Sacre bleu...  +1
pokidyok I was penalties on a train cuz RER has zones and my ticket was zone 1-3. But Marne le Valee is zone 5. So guys be careful when buying tickets there.  
SpiderBHZ I don't know but...Disneyland and Paris... :(  
Erhan The link to the source is wrong, it should be user-id 167788 not 167778. Pretty bad banner though...  
clementberlu wtff  +6
Supercell Vive Paris et vive la France !  +3