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titleSurabaya skyline
locationSurabaya, Java, Indonesia
sourceforum user cak cuk
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 3.72, total votes: 327
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niko-parna My next stop!!! 5 stars from DC  
bembs comfort, green and sparkling city of Indonesia  
falp6 5 From Colombia!  +2
DanielFA 可愛い (Nice!)  +2
gress love!! 5/5  +1
embassyofaudrey Risma Skyline  
ilovecoffee This city is bound to be the next Kuala Lumpar or Manila  +2
teddybear Nice photo of Surabaya!  
Intoxication 5/5 Gorgeous!!  +1
kaebsong 5/5 surabaya.. The second indonesian power house.. Always rising  +2
Muyangguniang Nice to see Surabaya developing 5/5 dari Belanda (Den Haag)  +2
treebeard3 Gorgeous, 5/5 from Brazil!  +3
UnitedX 5/5 for Soerabaja  
Toto Boerham Central Surabaya, what a great skyline  
Sr.Smih I always read suruba 5/5  +2
Jordan Tan 5/5 Los Angeles look like of South East Asia  
adiyon84 Great skyline in my eyes. Malaysian thumbs up!  +4
SpiderBHZ 1  
GallagherSby Nice view  
renshapratama One of the most growing city in Asia, 5/5  +3