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titleOld Port
locationMarseille, France
sourceFrançois Schwarz at Flickr
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 3.81, total votes: 268
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Westchester Sq Ici ç'est Mars, Dept. 13  
wander-udi Vive la France!  
ab_ltf fiver from monaco  
plottigat A city I love!  
tom_lodz Vive la France! (without Ms. Le Pen)  +4
Enhander "My country's national anthem is the best of the world just behind the Marselleise"  +1
Hapower the Marseillaise has nothing to do with Marseille, the Marseillaise is from Strasbourg, originally the "War Song for the Rhine Army".  +1
SpiderBHZ 5  
potwo-or 5 from Lodz  +1
Apolinarius 5 from Lviv (Ukraine)  +1
Amen But Lwów is Semper Fidelis to Poland not Ukraine... Learn history.  +1
Amen Before 1945 only 13% of Lwów population was Ukrainians... 57% Poles 30% Jews.  +1
skyduster Amen, Lviv is in Ukraine. Learn modern-day geography.  
Parisian75 Nice Marseille, a shame for not showing the new marseille (near Zaha Hadid tower). Moderation : Is that possible to block politic trolling in here or not?  +3
velbujd 5 from BG  
Amen I miss her. :((((((  
Douly Thanks for this great banner! Take a look at Tour La Marseillaise!  
Gian/UD 5/5 for the roman Massalia  
Erlenberg Massalia was found by greeks not romans !  +1
Gian/UD Vive Le france! Vote LE PEN!!!!!  +4
lumix153 Vive Le france! Vote Macron!!!!!  +5
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +1
VladP 5 from Kiev!  +4
eomer Allez l'OM !  +1
jml13 Pharo gardens, magnific balcony on Marseille  +1
parcdesprinces 5/5 from France xD  
giovannimi1976 Merveilleuse ville mediterranée!  +1
Ivan the Immigrant That's great banner!:)  
Pop Bogdan 5/5  
PRIMEVAL Is amazing that a big city has preserved intactly its medieval port fortifications  +1