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titleBauru skyline
locationBauru, Brazil
infoBiggest of west São Paulo!
sourceforum user Vi_
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 2.79, total votes: 333
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A Chicagoan Nice skyline, bad photo.  
Unregistered Великий Город Великой Страны!! С праздником!!!  
Aztecgoddess 5/5  
rcpierozan We need more pics like this! Maybe twice or three times a week would be great! 5/5  
Leandro SP Beautiful city !!!! Sorry that the photo is not the best and does not really express what Bauru ...  +3
lezgotolondon Brazile is the most beautiful country with the most ugly cities 1/5  +2
kokomo Another ugly photo of a Brazilian slum. Stop torturing people please! We have seen these type of skylines almost once a week. What have we done to deserve this? Brasil has many nice sights to be shared, but clearly not this one  +3
nataliabe Brazil has wonderful cities, stop making banners of ugly São Paulo countryside cities.  +6
Rago nice  
William_Matheus Nice city, bad picture. You could choose better pictures fo banners.  +1
jffaraco Awful picture...  +1
akaFTS Nice city, terrible photo... who picks these banners?  +2
firefox2 2 ..Most of brazilian cities follow the same pattern. Dull  +1
manuelmonge 2 stars meh, only brasilians are giving 5 stars to this haha  +2
mvnascimento No! I'm a brasilian giving 2. They could stop posting cities of São Paulo's interior, that have almost the same boring skyline.  +1
sofarfromhere HATER! I saw what You did on other banner sessions.  
bitolado real world skyline. stop complaining everybody  +1
Lucas Souza RF 5/5  
Heilig que piada rsrs  
Pedro Antunes Somos chingones! Brasil otra vez! La ciudad sandwich  +1
SpiderBHZ 2  
Grvl This is so bad, it looks like a bazaar  +1
whistler85 Agree with Naipesky. Ugly foreground.  
Sr.Smih 5/5 from Mexico! Love Brazil  +3
Naipesky The "pet" houses in foreground doesnt help. But a great city anyway, and a great sandwich too.  +4
Minnesotan in Chile more boring buildings 2/5 - from Curicó, Chile  +1
Guga GM 5/5. Só to dando 5 pq é Brasil mas que a foto tá feia, isso tá... kkk  +9
treebeard3 5/5, Beautiful!  
nataliabe Troll  
Vi_ 5/5 - Future metropole from the west of São Paulo.  +4
Heraclito brazil again?  +4