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titleMotherland Calls
locationVolgograd, Russia
infoThe Motherland Calls is the central figure of the monument-ensemble "Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad". This is one of the tallest statues in the world. The allegorical image of the Mother was used by the sculptor to reflect the full depth of our people's senses, and the urgency that the people rose to fight to the end in defense of their land, their families. Each year, Mamayev Kurgan is visited by many tens of thousands of people. All who visit get the feel of history, and learn a lot more about the Great Patriotic War fought desperately here. For those of you who want to understand and feel the course of history, to see with your own eyes a great battle place and feel the power of this spot, then you should definitely climb the Mamayev Kurgan.
sourceAndrey Yeryomin
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 4.16, total votes: 1129
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rodineisilveira Volgograd, one of the venues from the next FIFA World Cup.  
De Ulven really beautiful, 5 from Chile  
Grazhdanin 5/5 Киров Россия  +1
inyourmind 5/5 desde Crimea, Ucrania  
AutoUnion 5/5 from European Union  +9
Vladivostokchanin The best banner for May 9! Thanks to the grandfathers and grandmothers (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Armenians, Kazakhs, Kirkiz and others) - we TOGETHER won this terrible war! Glory to the people of the winner!  +18
Motherussia 5/5 from Spokane WA  +6
leo931 Thanks, Russians for 05/09/1945!!  +16
Uladzimir 5/5 from Vicebsk, Belarus. My congratulations with V-Day!!!  +12
Arthur Baz 999999999999/5 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil.  +13
Bombexx Fantástica captura!!!  +2
Gor_13 1/5 from Mariupol. Slava Ukraine!  +9
Евгений Гийон сало голодающим  +1
Fudgis 5/5 from the UK, we must never forget how many Russians lost their lives in WWII  +16
djoledjole 5 from Serbia!  +14
gao7 5/5  +8
JohnFlint1985 5 of 5  +3
JohnFlint1985 Super!  +4
churro357 5/5 from Panamá, Central América.  +9
OlegSik when katsaps will choose a normal picture?  +1
Rago nice banner and I agree with the real history behind WWII discussed below  +2
Hold In fact, DjDeeeeeen is from Ukraine.  +8
DjDeeeeeen 1 from Moscow  +5
Apple. That's AMAZING!! I love it! 5/5 from Izmir/Turkey  +12
miau 1/5 because I cant give zero points?  +6
gimenez Lots of logic to that... About as much as me replying to you, since I can't slit your throat!  +9
Julio Rocha 5  +4
Mr. Agent 5/5!  +5
BOSS 1  +3
Радиотехник Stalingrad, city calling this name. And noone else  +6
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +28
nikbi Epic sculpture.  +17
flosscloud 5 from Berlin  +18
nachop666 5/5 desde Argentina.  +18
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +16
smihael С Днём Победы! Greetings from Slovenia! 5/5  +20
Dzhigga Wonderful photo!  +7
adam.dworzak Nice capture, "the sword of lightning"  +4
mashine1984 0 from Bulgaria!  +13
Anticalaca 5/5. Impressive statue, and marks an impressive battle. Happy Victory Day, history can't be erased by current media and politics.  +13
Kozhedub 5 for the view, 1 for megalomaniac Stalinist shit, 3/5 total.  +1
yukatan_boy Amazing picture  +6
siamu maharaj 4/5 because of too much photoshopping  +1
ovnours Impressive! 5/5  +12
DanielFA Wow! Apocalypse has already begun... 5/5 XD  +6
ED9M 5 from Volgograd and Saint-Petersburg!!!City-Hero !!!  +11
jeruco epic banner!! :O  +10
VeryJetRanger Remember all the victims of nazism!  +5
P_David 5 from Venezuela. Congrats Russia!  +31
chevyvolt Why celebrating a victory in a war that you co-started with the another left regime from Germany?!  +6
ButtonHead don't read ukrainian newspapers before dinner ;)  
Valter 5/5 from Brazil  +13
Step_50081 Bad people and fools will continue talking about evil Russia and that USSR began this war. But everybody knows, wictory could never come without our people, without our grandfathers, without powerful soviet spirit. Please, forget about your strife, controversy, disagreement today and enjoy peace in the world that our grand-dads gave us. 5/5  +37
Dublikator Hooray!  +3
czarny 5 from Berlin thank you soviets  +35
Voorish-Gdansk Very interesting shot, 4/5  +2
Raffael Rocha :o  
Радиотехник City calling Stalingrad, banner autor mistook a little  
NaMosca Wow!!  +5
Widur 5 z Polski!  +23
SpiderBHZ 5 From Brasília  +14
Lordpesta wow... that looks cool  +6
eduardoazul 5/5  +7
Diagnostik Stalingrad +5  +12
dolinalima 5/5 from Belgrade  +18
Mintt pic too unnatural  +3
Fio241 Stunning 5/5!  +13
G.A.B.R.I.E.L Wow! 5/5 from Brasil.  +18
sept THE sacred place where thousands of people laid down their lives to save their home. They fought THE battle that decided the fate of the world. They have earned our eternal gratitude.  +7
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 из Македонии / from Macedonia  +19
SurowyOjciec 4 from Łódź, Poland  +4
disposal For the first time, the secret of this photo was a mystery for me. I couldn't find a word to describe my feelings. But now I've found a sense. There are not just architectural structures on this picture. Great woman statue, domes of the church, industrial tubes - all of them have spires aiming at the sky (as if they seek responses to the eternal issues ). And these lightnings are like long-awaited answers from the Sky, which have come on a wonderful day after patience long endured. From other hand, lightnings looks like the visible expression of the meaning and character of the structures. It emphasizes the meaning of the 9th of May.  +29
Peregrin Tuk what a picture! 5 from chile  +15 1/5  +21
Unregistered 5/5  +8
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  +10
Alex178 5 from St. Petersburg  +7
Aztecgoddess 5/5 Really impressive image!  +7
NickNN great pic 5/5!  +4
Packie 5 from Kraków, Poland!  +21
lumix153 0/0  +11
Ritmo-F Excelent! 5/5 from St. Petersburg  +12
Michal_Rad I was thinking that this monument collapsed already? Russian engineering :)  +1
RedCoppa 5 from Ufa!  +8
alexss1987 Very good banner! 5/5  +9
hnrt Just WOW!  +3
AndriySH 1  +17
jaceq apart from whatever the banner is very good  +1
velbujd 5 from BG  +10
chuk30 5 for Stalingrad from Chelyabinsk  +15
glad 5/5  +6
Ras Siyan Excellent shot! 5/5 from Djibouti :-)  +11
Charlesp 5/5 : And thank you Russia for defeating Hitler's evil Germany!  +34
SurowyOjciec I corrected for you: "And thank you evil Russia for defeating Hitler's evil Germany!" ;)  +6
Buffaboy Eclectic and provocative, but lacks the pop needed with tall buildings. 3/5.  +1
disposal Really fantastic and epic view! С днём победы Всех!  +10
gwrdn 1/5 from Ukraine.  +22
xrtn2 Russia said goodbye for communism hahaha  +3
Sr.Smih 1/5 from Crimea  +19
Moonview90 5 stars, wonderful pic. I see that everyone it's talking about the ww2 and stuff, but, to me... that mother it's probably not proud about Chechnya. Respect all your citizens!  +7
Che7779 Yeah) good photo) go to peklo kacapy))  +2
xirix 5 from Nizhny Novgorod. And, brothers, don't forget about "Immortal Regiment" (Bessmertniy Polk) march!!!  +8
Dober_86 5 stars! Happy Victory Day, world. Let's learn from our mistakes to never repeat them.  +10
Prihlop 5 from Nsk  +8
Skur_S 5 from Barnaul  +10
Alex-Sam 5/5. May 9 - Victory Day of the USSR, against Nazi Germany. We will never forget the exploit of our ancestors  +17
renshapratama 5/5 from Jakarta, Indonesia. What an amazing pic  +18
Majevčan 5/5 glorious banner for a glorious day.  +10
Erran WOW! okay, this one deserves 5/5  +6
Avemano YAS this is the most bad*ss banner ever!  +2
orel2016 With Victory Day! Staligrad - Volgograd  +14
ValterPravnik 5/5 from united Europe - 9.Mai  +16
Elaks Well... wow :O  +1
Cratus 5/5 from Brazil. Amazing picture.  +22
V.BOBR 5 from Dnipro, Ukraine  +32
NewKIWI 5 from New Zealand. Thank You Russia!  +57
Unregistered Why? Hitler did not attack New Zealand  +4
Parravillian So incredibly impressive. Will need to visit this place one day. 5/5  +16
Igor622015 5 from Novosibirsk, Russia  +27
uN90D1y 5/5  +21
W-Hawk ∞/5. For Motherland!  +57