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titleMalang cityscape
locationMalang, Indonesia
sourceforum user andr3y
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 3.21, total votes: 305
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Airhidup Great photographer, perfect spot for skyscrappy pic in Malang City  
detta.priyandika Nice Place 5/5  
kaebsong The city who still stand on their culture 5/5  
SpiderBHZ 1  
tebrikler 5 star for Malang  
fano kampus UB area 5/5  
loit2007 5/5 in Malang  
maghfir_jamal Skylines of University of Brawijaya Malang! Love it so much! 5/5 from Makassar  
IlhamBXT 3/3  
Isma Hendra 5 From Purwokerto  
shrimpcitizent ***** from Cirebon  
da noor love the panoramic view, love the herritage buildings, 5/5 from bukittinggi, west sumatera  
Daroe nice city ...  
renshapratama Very amazing banner... Like it.  
arief-89 Unique. University of Brawijaya Malang  
ANDR3Y Amazing, sparkling malang city east java 5/5 from surabaya  
treebeard3 Very nice and unique, love the pyramid roofs. 5/5 from Brazil!  
djoledjole 5 from Serbia!  
Paranormal phenomena Different, interesting. Background looks good blended in with foreground buildings. So 4.75/5. :)  
Paranormal phenomena Close enough to be 5/5