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titleYokohama panorama
locationYokohama, Japan
sourcePurity Standard at Flickr
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 4.13, total votes: 367
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martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  
Andrew24 Japan never disappoints me! Greetings from Venezuela.  
PinkWho 4.5 it looks great  
mike_blum 5 from Russia!!!  +1
A1eks 5 from Minsk, Belarus!  +1
ANDR3Y 5/5 from surabaya, it is nice picture  
Yousaf1995 5 from Pakistan  
ericrocio Nice city. Great tires. 👌 5/5  
ro-man fantastic! from Gdynia 5/5  
Maxem 5/5 From Argentina.  
AbdurrehmanKhan The Yokohama Landmark is one of my favourite towers from the 90s. Just love it's style.  
RedLion727 Love Yokohama! Even more than the skyline, it's a nice, relaxing change of pace after Tokyo.  
Sechou wow, Landmark tower looks really high and slim from this angle. 10/10 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia  +1
minza_6124 10/5 Love Japan from Thailand.  
PunnaWich Every city from Japan, i give 10/10. love Japan  
SpiderBHZ Yokohama...but at midnight Brasilia it was Buenos Aires...Such mess.  +1
SooL Excellent tires! / Отличные шины!  +1
HBC I give 5/5 stars to this beautiful panorama of Yokohama, Japan.  +1
World8115 Yokahama stole Buenos Aires ratings? Haha  +2
Svetlix 5/5 from Pleven, Bulgaria  +2
Naipesky Wtf happened with this banner of BA: [link]  +2
Quilmeño89 That banner was requested for next month. A little mistake of the admins. :P  +3
Balkanada Who are you guys kidding? Open the link and you'll see that this photo is in Yokohama, Japan  
Fedes9000 Nice photo of Yokohama, 5/5 from Argentina (ahh... no entendía nada XD)  +3
pabloprato Nice colors, great skyline, amazing photo!  
JuanRuano wow, Yokohama is pretty similar to buenos aires  +8
Maxem Yoko isn't there, just the four of Liverpool.  
SpiderBHZ 5 to BA  
Lucas R Buenos Aires, Japan  +5
nachop666 Wild On Berazategui. 4/5  
andres124 this is Buenos Aires  
Vladivostokchanin Nice) 5/5 from Vladivostok  +1
JamieUK I prefer to see closer up with more detail personally.  +1
ovnours I gib 5/5, but people are really unnecessary in this pic.  
meteoforumitalia Instead they take the pitcure to perfection  +3
okach1 so, it's Yokohama or Buenos Aires?  +8
Lucas R Buenos Aires