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titleMountains of Rio
locationRio de Janeiro, Brazil
sourceHigor de Padua Vieira Neto at Flickr
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 4.23, total votes: 988
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Tiozão I Love Rio!  
Zamaszysty Holy chicken balls, that's science fiction landscape right there!  
rodineisilveira I was there in 1975. It was in an excursion.  
rodineisilveira There are many mountains in Rio which I know: Pão de Açúcar, Morro do Corcovado, Pedra do Botafogo, Morro da Urca, etc.  
Waffles Beautiful, 5/5  
zazu189 Linda de longe e patética de perto. 1/1  
Julio_vr Se Rio é linda de longe e patética de perto, imagine a sua cidade, que eu sei qual é! ;*  +2
Oles 5/5 from Ukraine Kamjanets-Podilsky  +1
Hunter36 what else, no skyscrapers? 0/5  
tic Nice, but no buildings? Really defeats the purpose of this site. We could all post beautiful nature shots from all around the world.  +6
treebeard3 Where do you think all of those lights are coming from? This fits in just fine with the site.  +10
Raffael Rocha Urbanism?  +1
NE Visionary Very beautiful! This will remain number one for a long time.  +2
afrmx 45 days... long was actually rather short... :D  
Unregistered Wow!! Deserved number 1!!!  +1
Unregistered I mean number 1 in crime and murder!!!  +1
PEiloveyou Belissima. 10 /USA  +1
dusousarj Incomparable  +2
dusousarj 5/5 Incomparably  +2
NateArchibald cool pic, but mountains? 1/5  +1
Libidito amazing!  +1
aquamaroon beautiful photo!  +1
Hps95 Pure Nature  
de la laguna 5/5 parece de otro mundo :o  +2
Oskar.Mx Those mountains are just surreal!! 5/5  +7
gobrazil Beautiful!  
Daortíz Bellisima!  +1
GuiRJ beautiful  
vegorv wowowowowowowow  +1
zZero bitchin' shot! :cheers:  +2
Oscar... Excelente panorámica, a cidade muito linda  +1
RegioManio Beautiful cidade maravilhosa and great picture! 5/5  +1
eduardoazul Linda, beautyfull, hermosa, Линда, красивый, schön, bello! 5/5  +3
ElViejoReino Amazing!!  +1
JADI Looking forward for this one to become top ranking banner. 5/5 from Pakistan  +2
josejo 5 from of venezuela  +2
Edil Arda 5 From Kadıköy, Türkiye ;)  +2
luar25 bellisima 5/5 de Celaya Mexico  +2
masanchezl This is for sure one of the best banners I've seen on SSC :)  +2
Julio Rocha 5  +1
Ranko SuNS!! Rio Rio 5 iz Srbije  +1
JB. Killer banner! One of the best ever. Congrats from Portugal :)  +3
ELKINFIMA Amazing! beautiful! 5/5 From Bucaramanga Colombia.  +1
dricobel Rio  
koko_vp Wonderful city, hope I will visit it again in the near future. 5/5 from Bulgaria  +2
Vinicius Mundim Oooeeeeaaaaaa  
joselph22 I love Rio!  +1
adam.dworzak Great shot  
Anticalaca Natural skyline. 5/5  +1
Krosh great photo. 5/5 from Siberia  +3
hogocast amazing! 5/5 from Mexico  
muckie Love u...  +1
Manauaras My city. My place. My life... Rio  +1
Aztecgoddess Brazil outdoing Brazil, love it! 5/5  +2
Poncho Gro OMG!, Beautiful Mountains, Like Monterrey In México, Amazing!  +1
Sr.Smih 5/5 from Brazil msm  
JotaPe Good pic  
carl_Alm Fora Temer!  +3
Lord Farquad De fora em fora o Brasil vai se perdendo...  +1
Hello_World bitch, please!  
Raffael Rocha Fora Brasil logo  
Pedrozo Oh GOD!  
falp6 Impressive. Rio is absolutely amazing! 5 from Colombia  +1
mangy Wow  
LCIII Stunning  
Kato Awesome!  
Déa_ Amazing... 5/5  
canelaverde Skyline de montanhas... Isso só o Rio tem!  +3
Robson Braga Fabolous banner! Top one forever.  +1
Luiz Vilela state of the art banner  +1
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +1
Pedro Antunes Sim, é Brasil de novo, sim! E quem não gostar, vai te de novo! Cidade Maravilhosa  +4
Papont 5/5 for Cidade Maravilhosa from Russia. I love this place.  +2
pberz 0_0 wow 5  
GUAROQUEÑO espectacular...!!  +1
Alfredocgf Wow!!! Wonderful! Amazing! Fantastic! 5/5 :)  
leonvandersar Beautiful city and a beautiful banner!  +1
rockinmoz Damn, that's a sweet banner.  +1
Pak_Forever Serene :)  
ILTarantino Best banner ever  +1
kapturek Disney! :)  
Muyangguniang Skyline of Mother Nature, 5/5 from The Hague!  +4
SR-71 Magic. 5 stars from Funchal!  
paradise at Tagus Infinite stars for this wonderfull landscape! As such it is not possible... 5/5 from Lisbon  +3
Paranormal phenomena The lights on the top of the mountain peaks look spooky. 5/5  +1
kevloral Beautiful Rio. 5/5 from Spain.  +2
Ysh 5 from Moscow  +3
tomaszek tomaszek wow, nice colors, nice aerial perpective 5/5 from San Escobar  +2
tomaszek tomaszek aerial perspective, of course oczywiście  
Gmaz Phalluses, phalluses everywhere...!  
Cyrus Some mountains?!  
stewie1980 Brazil again... 1/5  
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
Demadestro+ 5! hipnotic!  +2
Koloman So exciting! Of course 5/5 from Vienna/Austria.  +1
Yousaf1995 more than 5, from Pakistan  +1
ill-b Amazing pic, 5/5  +1
flavioralencar Stunning..  +2
mihail.spb 5/5 !!!  +1
Tillor87 5/5 lástima que no existe una sexta estrella para esta foto.  +5
de la laguna 5/5 from México :)  +1
richard fischer Extraordinary !  +1
skyduster Beautiful picture of one of my FAVORITE cities. I love you Rio and Brazil!  +2
disposal Spectacular... Rio possesses very special landscape. I have feeling that it is a frame from a fairy tale film.  +2
skyduster Beautiful architecture too. A lot of art deco/bauhaus, beaux-arts, and portuguese colonial.  +4
Lr2304 Gorgeous!!! 5/5  +1
Aririto Pray for Brazil, 5/5  +1
Naipesky All the rocks of South Rio in one picture. Would be really amazing if there is some highrises and a couple of supertalls between the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, in this shot  +1
Cratus I agree but Brazil has some serious building high limitations laws. :/  
Gutovsky I think it would kinda spoil the beautiful scenery...  
NetSpider HUEHUEHUE  +2
Andrezito Another Brazilian city? trollface  +5
username unnecessary LOVE IT! 5*!  +1
Guga GM 5/5 from Brasil!  +1
Mr.Falcon That's the skyline  
Tourniquet WOW!  +1
Farol da Barra Magnífico banner! Fantastic! 5/5  +1
Sandro Bernardo 5/5  +1
Manassa Beautiful..5  +1
SpiderBHZ 5  +1
Paullascs 5/5 From São Paulo (Nine Fingers and Dracula Jailed)  +2
xrtn2 5/5 - (9 dedos na cadeia com anta, Drácula e o pó)  +11
Vladivostokchanin I love it! 5/5 from Russia!  +3
JuIcYdUdE22 Amazingly Beautiful!!  +2
treebeard3 The most beautiful place in the world 5/5  +1
Chaos7 One again i will say same, i love so much Brazil and Rio, i sending love from Nis, Serbia 5/5 !  +2
skytrax TOP!!  +1
dusousarj Wonderful city  +1
dusousarj Wonderfull cita  +1
Vladivostok2012 +5 Russia  +3
CactusLord No words, absolutely gorgeous 5/5 from Spain  +3
Parravillian Funny looking skyscrapers... :P amazing photo!  +5
W-Hawk This is just awesome! Bravo, Rio! 5 from Vladivostok!  +8