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titleTaipei skyline
locationTaipei, Taiwan
sourceJ.J Chen at Flickr
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 4.14, total votes: 440
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cameronrex Beautiful Taipei!  
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  
Sparks Bogota perfecta!!!!  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
spidey7312 5/5 Fantastic Image!  
nowolves 3 for pollution  
spidey7312 That's fog...  
Hunter36 5/5 more like this and less from the kingdom of corruption  
Kripton ...101  
Luiz Vilela smog or just fog? beautiful picture!  +1
JotaPe Very good picture!  
Vadon One of my favorite skyline. Taipei 101 amazing building! 5/5  
Pedro Antunes Arrasou!  
SpiderBHZ 3  
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
Brookleen 5/5 to the best China  +2
ILoveKuching I'm just like the food there 5/5  
vegorv WOW 5!  +1
roydex 5 from Philippines, a Chinese/Japanese fusion city lol  
Erwann 1 because of the pollution. Shame on you.  
redcode that's fog...........  +2
GuilhermeLp fuck china  +2
Little sheep 5 stars from Sofia (Bulgaria). One of my favorite Asian cities.  +4
skyduster excellent shot  
username unnecessary FANTASTIC!  
wander-udi 55555555555  
Hindustani The Greatest City Ever Built. 5/5  +1
kokomo Is it me or is it full of smog?  
alexss1987 Beautiful! 5/5!  +1
andrew anthony Cantik! 5 From Indonesia  +1
Vladivostokchanin Nishtjak! 5/5  
Intoxication Very nice!! 5/5!!  
redcode 5/5 for TAIWAN  +3
redcode better than those soulless clusters of skyscrapers on the other side of the strait  +2
Hector_of_Troy Isengard  +2
lezgotolondon 101/5 from Taipei  +5
Sechou 5 stars from Saint-Petersburg, Russia!  +1
nostalgy 5 from Dnipro city )))  +2