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titleWarsaw skyline
locationWarsaw, Poland
sourceforum user Ring
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 4.10, total votes: 607
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Oles 5/5 from Ukraine  
Hunter36 decent OECD country 5/5  
Towersla Warsaw has risen again, a phoenix, in spite of Nazi destruction. Loved my time there and look forward to another visit. 5/5 from "City of Stars!" Los Angeles.  +4
Daortíz Que bonita se ve Varsovia! 5.0  +1
MENA55 Wow the moderators here are snowflakes, deleting comments on the BANNER (and not political issues) which is that this ugly ass picture only gets 5/5 for being European. Yet you motherfuckers keep up the comments bashing Latin/Asian/African cities etc and even bigoted comments that have nothing to do with the banner. Pansies.  +1
SaltilloPCM Nice skyline 5/5 from Saltillo, Mexico  +1
towerpower123 5/5 There are a lot of beautiful buildings in this increasingly dense skyline!  +1
Aztecgoddess 5/5  
vonplauen 5/5 from Malbork  
Mathias200 1/5 this everything was built for the german "help" money.  +1
Druzers WTF Dude? :) It is built by many companies from Holland, Belgium, France, US, Poland, Slvakia, etc... and some of them are German ;) The oldest one is built by ZSRR ;)  +8
Siuda Pani yes, Warsaw knows Germans very well.  +6
Jules92 5/5 from Guatemala!  
tunejadzec 5/5 z Minsku! Fajne miasto, dobre piwko)  +3
Wawrzyniec Senes 1/5 dla Hani  
Forza_imperial jakas personalna frustracja? ocenaimy banner a nie politykow!  +7
Bonus1 Very nice. View - almost like from my window. :)  
SOLOMON 1 Nice city. Rude people.  +2
Blingchampion 5/5 from second city - Aarhus Denmark  
Sheikh23 4/5 the city just started to develop some nice skyline, but the baner itself is really nice  +2
EL1908 nice  
WalterDy 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil  
alluux 5/5 from México  +1
ИванТ 5/5 from Bulgaria!  +3
losangelino Surprising but definitely not a 5.  
gsz87 and steel growing in down town;)  
marekz Fabulous!  
czjack 5 from Chelm  +2
wyborczy Piątka ze Skierniewic.  +1
Mplsuptown For a second I thought it was Paris. Warsaw, how you've grown!  +2
ThomasJensen wow!  
tom_lodz 5/5 from Lodz  +1
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  
lezgotolondon 5/5 for based Poland  +1
mash510void725 5/5 from Arad, Romania  +1
Oliszydlowski Warsaw be like Niu Jork :)  
SpiderBHZ 3  +1
DeNi$ 5/5 from Moscow  +8
Tom68relo 5/5 from Berlin  +3
Voorish-Gdansk Not bad 3/5  +1
kapturek model SSC banner  +1
michaelis 5/5 from Bratislava, Slovakia  +2
starchow 5 from Ethiopia. Great place. Friendly people.  +2
gelob 5 from Euro U21 city (Lublin)  
afrikanerboy 5/5 - and the built that without even having oil!  +6
keepthepast wouldn't need oil when they didn't pay their debts and got their loans/debts forgiven or substantially reduced.  
NEGRITO 5/5 from PUEBLA, Mexico.  +1
volyn_aka 5/5 from Lutsk, Ukraine  +4
marcin954 I didn't recognise it's Warsaw, that means everything is fine with city, it develops very well.  
Urban Legend 4/5 from Tel Aviv, Israel.  +2
Michal_Rad Warsaw - rising superstar! Still so messy and neglected but every year changing for better.  +3
ConceptArt 5/5 from Wroclaw  +2
artemka зря обрезали верхушки, так шо 4  
Agusia 5 z Krakowa! :)  +2
nostalgy 5 from Dnipro city )))  +6
Vita_ 5 from Ekaterinburg, Russia  +4
Anticalaca Not the best angle, but definitely Warsaw is one of the cities I wish to travel some day  +2
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +2
Uladzimir 5/5 to brothers, from Minsk, Bialorus!  +14
Suseł rzyg  +2
Andrej-1986 5 from Kharkiv, Ukraine  +12
SevenSlavicTribes 5/5 from Varna, Bulgaria  +7
Junkie 5/5 from Skopje  +4
naruciakk 3/5, it's definitely not the best possible Warsaw skyline photograph  +11
[email protected]Đ Very nice city. I want to visit again. 5/5 from Slovakia  +7
Deadeye Reloaded 5/5 The Frankfurt of the east!  +6
ilyan 5/5 from Minsk  +9
Ivan the Immigrant 5/5  +4
Sunkid 5/5 from Ukraine  +8
4miGO!!! 5* from Moscow! Looks awesome!  +15
okach1 5 from Russia  +12