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titleGinza at dusk
locationTokyo, Japan
sourceChris 73 at Wikipedia
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 3.24, total votes: 400
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Neutral! so many LEDs - invented in Japan  
jesuz1970 such a beatiful city ...but not a good pic  +1
alluux 5/5 from México  
muckie City of Lights 2.0 - 5/5 from Rio  
BECK not inpressive but, over 35 millions people living there , have to be interested  
rcandre81 4/5 from Rio 2016 to Tokyo 2020  
metrocity789 Love that city so much!!! Tokyo is the home of Japanese popular culture, and it has brought to Anime Expo in Los Angeles.  +1
FloripaNation 5/5  
RafaelMeireles2 5/5 from Brazil, shining and modern city  
sand_castle 1/5 horrid concrete architecture  
Leandrix Cyberpunk Tokyo  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
geozil One tree please...only one tree.  +5
eduardoazul Tokio tem um skyline espetacular, mas essa foto não mostrou algo impactante além de muitos painéis luminosos!  
losangelino Sorry but that is just bad. Tokyo is wonderful though. 1/5  
writeitright perfect5/5  
Physchy Excelent! Differente angle of the capital of the world, Tokyo!  
Kozhedub Ugly but stylish 3/5  
gashi 5 hyje  
gashi shum bukur  
SpiderBHZ 1  +1
***Ares*** Jedinica s guštom !!!! Da ne može veća :D  +1
Muyangguniang Mother of all mega cities 5/5  +1
sezha муравейник  +1
NeonLicht Looks like some Latin American city but with more LED screens  +3
Suburbanist No doubt Tokyo is a great city with a great skyline but this picture looks strange.  +2
Feast486 Again best city in the world  +1
pokidyok 5 from Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Love it, hope to visit it one day.  +1
Exethalion Cyberpunk megapolis!  +6
Ekumenopolis LOVE that city  +2
hugodiekonig Tokyo!!!! I have been to this amazing city oh wow!!!! 5 stars  +1
zahid111 1000/1000 from AZERBAIJAN,BAKU!  +1
Eyjafjallajokull 1000/1000 = 1 ?¿ Great! Tokyo in a nutshell. Dense neon cyberpunk paradise.  +1
Komet 4/5 it's like lego blocks, greetings from Lima, Perú  +1
616Homeboy wow  +1
Levita_ndo That is..... quite interesting!  +1
jeruco Visual contamination...  +1
riveraconde 5/5 One of my favourite cities in the World! Greetings from Mexico City.  +1
chanweee bored  +1
raremann Expected nothing less from the largest city in the world..  +1
DarkLite It's not about skylines or buildings, this banner was meant to show the ''neon city'' side of Tokyo  +4
wander-udi Bad  +2
Alisson Silva capitalism  +2
Minnesotan in Chile What a boring picture! 1/5 from Curicó, Chile. Tokyo is the world's biggest city. You couldn't find anything decent?  +3
Naipesky The Lego Movie. Its a nice Godzilla playground anyway.  +2
CactusLord That's a really interesting perspective... 5/5 from Spain  +1
JamieUK Wow the place looks super ugly in that pic.  +1
Vladivostok2012 +5 Russia  +1
naruciakk I love this view, 5/5  +1
lezgotolondon 5/5 from Gojira  +1
darksephir quite an eyesore to me.  +1
askar9992 Could be a lot better... Skyline doesn't show how amazing Tokyo is...  +8
KB335ci2 5/5 from Bombay, India!  +2