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titleNew York reflections
locationNew York City, United States
infoHappy Independence Day!
sourceAnthony Quintano at Wikipedia
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 4.13, total votes: 492
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Waffles NYC don't even need fireworks when it's got this!  
vicka_ma 5/5  
Junior BH 5/5 from Belo Horizonte - Brazil... Manhatan is Manhatan  
mrjomaled one of the most vibrant and cultured city in the world!  
Raffael Rocha WASHINGTON?  
Pedro Mendes WTC I miss you):  
NIKO6078 5/5 from Argentina  
patel2897 NYC is Wonderful City ! Best Place to be specially in central park , statue of Liberty and Times square and New World Trade Center and Empire state Building ! Coolest Place NYC Yoo I have been to NYC Few Times and I Totally Love it Every time I go their and Happy 4th of July Happy Independence Day USA !  
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +1
stevekeiretsu OG SSC  
gaab1972 I love NY!! 5/5  +1
E-Q-ANIME Gorgeous! Happy Fourth of July, USA!!!  +1
username unnecessary Fantastic picture!  +2
Mauro Martins Not the better view but, I really love this city....  
naruciakk Well, there're better NYC skylines, but this one is also ok, 5/5  +1
siamu maharaj God Bless America. The greatest country on Earth with the greatest skyline on Earth. 5/5  +2
losangelino Just seems average. Perhaps more lights in the buildings. NYC is better than that. 1/5  
marcogiso I love NY but i prefer LONDON !!! 4/5 from ROME  
Totu 5 para este espectacular cityscape.  
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
brny 5/5 to my beloved unique and real metropolis! You gotta come to discover and become addict to old and always brand NEW New York, New York !  +2
Exethalion 1776/5 great skyline  
Bruno Caruaru Sonho em um dia conhecer .  
ChuckScraperMiami#1 10/10 PLUS , 9/11/01 " WE WILL NEVER FORGET " Happy 4th of JULY to all OUR SkyScraperCity Dot Com and JAN, Our Founder of Our # 1 Website , Administrators , Chiefs of Staff, Super Moderators, Moderators, Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Their Families, and of Course Guests are all Welcome Here, and May GOD Bless the U.S.A. with Angels ! !!  
RegioManio Amazing NYC! 5/5  +4
Pop Bogdan Always 5/5 for NYC, but unfortunately I voted 4/5 by mistake :(  +1
Muyangguniang God bless Skyscrapercity and God bless America 5/5 from The Hague  +3
defy Russia.  +2
Ufimets again NY  +1
redcode 5/5 from South Vietnam. God bless America!  +2
sezha beautiful  +1
TheAngrySlav Happy Fourth of July America. 5/5 from Munich,Germany!  +4
Libidito Amazing! 5/5  +1
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad - awesome!  +1
landrea THE skyline  +3
Brookleen 5/5 from Russia to American brothers!  +3
coach_lodz 5/5 from Lodz/ Poland  +5
KAMITY37 5/5 Beautiful.  +1
Raley 5/5 #MAGA  +1
tolya 5 to main skyscrapercity from Novosibirsk  +4
Skyscraper25Fan 5/5 from Kiev  +4
Leonidych 5/5 Prazdnik u ludey vse-taki!  +1
Intoxication Beautiful New York!! 5/5!! Happy Independence day to America!!  +4
lezgotolondon 5/5 from the Trump Tower. The other skyscrapers are fake towers  +8
Sechou God bless America!  +6
Parravillian Happy 4 July to all the 'Murricans!  +2