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titleMoscow stormline
locationMoscow, Russia
infoSky split open: Moscow hit by the downpour of the century. The fierce storm was hit the city by heavy torrential rains and hail. Residents were awed by apocalyptically overcast skies just before the storm. The great poet Alexander Pushkin once said, back in 1825 in his poem "Зимний вечер (Winter Evening)":
"Blizzard fades the heavens blurry,
Whirling winds enrage the skies
Like a beast, it howls in fury
Like a weeping child, it cries"
sourceЕвгений Данько at Flickr
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 4.15, total votes: 1129
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Grazhdanin Мордор какой то, хотя нет больше похоже на декорации к Blade Runner! 55 из Кирова!  
дон Чунита Узнаю тебя, Северный Мордор!  
Towersla The storm behind Washington D.C.! Ominous.  
Motherussia 5/5 from Spokane WA Judgement day, that's what it looks like.  
OnVita 5/5 from Mexico  +1
zazu189 incredible. I love Russia. He's always the best  +2
AxArq Horrid! So unreal! 0!  +4
Matheus_Franca Fake 0/5  +6
ojakure 1/5 by the photoshop  +8
Hps95 Fake 0/5  +8
Caio Capela shit fake photo. 0/5 from Brazil  +7
Meowingtons Absolutely amazing. 5/5 from Buenos Aires  +1
SkyFanTemoMty Moscow itself is a spectacular city, but now with all those meteorological elements, becomes an epicalone  
Sandblast My God! Has Moscow been 'nuked'?!?!?  
3tmk I usually give 0 to photoshop images but this looks incredible,, 5  
JasnoDTX 100 out of 5 from Dallas. My favorite Euro skyline.  
Cratus 5/5 from Brazil  +1
DDR 2.0 Absolutely cool, though I don't really like Russia and Moscow. :)  +1
sam_vimes 5/5 from Bulgaria :)  +1
CHIsentinel When the Devil's Due comes for Moscow, it will be too late to repent for the past.  
DimitriV 1/5 Not a real photo  +6
bilik_lca 5/5 from Legnica (Маленькой Москвой), Poland  +1
Kalamai Would look better without a nuclear explosion on the background.  
Raphael10000Kazan 5/5 From Kazan. Третья столица России голосует за первую.  +1
defy А ну, чики-брики и в дамки! 5/5!  +1
Geborgenheit Hilarious comments  
Aerokicker Is this post a propaganda of some new Marvel movie?  +1
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +1
Turnovec Мордор  
viat Sauron!!!  +5
Wowdalajarian Don't like fake, but pic is impressive.  
ENJINEER Equario! Why such word? If war breaks out, You can't see it will die sooner  
kiedy300 5* from Warsaw. OMG!  +1
son_of_the_sun Hello, everyone! Thank you for your support. On behalf of Russian banner section, and as the one, who proposed this banner, I want to apologize for the misunderstanding and shed some light on the situation. Thing is, that at every stage of choosing and proposing this banner, we had no clue about its origin. We did the google-image search (this is how we find the author of this photo) and didn't find similarities. Moreover, the author provided no information about his work. So I genuinely considered his photo as an original image. Anyway, I hope you have had the feeling of the fierce storm that was hit the city and you've had the pleasure of reading Pushkin's quatrain. Cheers!  +16
Equario The Mordor must be destroyed!  +17
losangelino Too much animation.  +4
KDFW 1/5 too fake  +15
Anticalaca It could be the banner of the century, but it's clearly fake.. then, 3.  +4
SaltilloPCM 5/5 from Saltillo, Mexico. Would like to visit Moscow  +3
Pessoa14 cool but fake  +6
Vilapriño 5/5 Moscow on the day of God's wrath as foretold in prophesy in Fatima.  
ILITS 1/5. Poorly shopped image.  +13
Xvr Coolest ever, perfect timming in perfect spot with a perfect camera  +2
Xvr Fck... Now I'm looking it is a fake pic... Downgraded to a 3  +5
PingouinToulousain wow!  +1
alex_lv Mordor:)))  +1
not_defined Super photo! Resident evil looks excellent!  
piotros18 Fake photo, the background is from this pic: ([link]  +7
piotros18 [link]  +8
Davidinho yeah, the actual storm was way more impressive [link]  
A Chicagoan 2/5. I just don't like the color.  +1
The Running Man looks like Mr jong-un kim testing another long range nuke  +4
Robert Alda Sauron, where are You?  +5
nikbi Dramatic picture.  
Raffael Rocha 5/5 from Brazil. WOOOOOW!  +5
adam.dworzak Great capture, no doubt  
Netlink Ujooiiiii  
SkyJeff -1/5 from Brazil  +16
GarfieldPark powerful! scary beautiful  
falp6 I really like Moscow but this photo looks with too much edition.  +2
AutoUnion 5/5 from European Union  
pokidyok 5 for instagram skills, 2 for the shot  +1
Jussi Vatanen Now that is really something! Wow. 5+  +1
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +3
DonKristoffo 5 from Stargard - Western Pomerania - P O L A N D !  +4
fanboy111 4/5 A truly breathtaking image  
Bonaerense24 Amazing, 5/5 from Buenos Aires :D  +2
Cave Lion Mordor 4/5  +3
Junior BH Awesome!! 5/5 From Belo Horizonte.  
RobertoBancrofth 5/5 from Goiânia, Brazil  +1
NE Visionary Looks like a scene in Prince of Egypt but God smiting Moscow instead. 5/5  
BrunoB. From countrise São Paulo, 5/5  +2
mangy Wow  
WalterDy 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil  
lezgotolondon Le cascate di Iguazùùù!  
SpiderBHZ 5 From Brasília.  
Mo_Hy epic picture!!! 5/5  +3
Deadeye Reloaded 5/5 from Geborgenheit! She is too shy to vote here but she told me she is still searching for a cute Russian boy friend (preferably a potato farmer)..  +1
eduardoazul 5/5 from Brazil.  +2
Vadon Let's burn Moscow together again  +11
O Natalense 5/5 do Brasil  +1
Kozhedub 4 for beautiful clouds, but ugly city.  
Acryle 5 for Lugbúrz  +1
super775 охренеть 5 из Екб  +1
ThomasJensen Fantastic view !!! 5 from Toruń, Poland  +2
_No_Name_ 5+/5 from Poland  +4
meteoforumitalia wow  
Kozak1987 Wow :)  
jinka sreekanth 5/5 from india  
deutscherI Mordor 1/5  +16
jar_007 5 from Poland. I thought it's photoshop, so i check out the source and its still look unreal, but the guy doesn't seems to be photoshop master.  +1
ANDR3Y Wow,amazing 5/5 from surabaya city,indonesia  
Alatar Barad-dur  +1
Miichal To much photoshop  +9
Blackinnocent Haters gonna hate. 5 from the Philippines!  
Fio241 Wow! 5/5.  
hif artifical, fake photo, I do not like that  +8
Packie 5 from Kraków, Poland!  +1
CAPMAT 0/5  +7
Blandine Forberg 1/5, rather 0/5, for this artificial, photoshopped-to-death image.  +10
Igor622015 Это просто Мегаохреннно, 5 от Новосиба  +1
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia / из Македонии  
oliniusz Nice one, 5 from pl  
Andy_L Everyone thought the apocalypse movies in New York, and he's closer than we thought  
Andy_L 5 from Minsk (brothers Belarusian) with love  +6
Andy_L From brotherly Belarus*  +2
Andy_L from Minsk with love  
aaabbbccc Wow I give it a 5 !! Love it  
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg, Russia  
Дарни Totally nice! Let`s keep it on!  
jwojcie Evil empire indeed. Where is Sauron eye?  +16
paha104 Amaziiiiing  
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  
Charlesp Angry Mother Nature visiting Mother Russia!  +1
Amen This is fantastic!  
bus driver Fake...  +6
Mariscalito 5/5 from Paraguay  
K-Lex 5  
borubar7 It looks like the hell !  +4
Rojas Pinilla Epika 5/5 from TUNJA, Colombia  +1
Aztecgoddess 5/5 wow!  
Paranormal phenomena Looks epic 6/5!!  
Askario 5!  +1
richard fischer Incredible photo !  
kreanga 4/5 Bad photoshop  +1
BOSS 1 Mordor  +19
[email protected] vot i seluki poabejali )) Salo yronili!  +9
vinttt 5/5 from Grodno, Belarus  +1
luar25 pinc beautifuul 5/5 friomCelaya  
Physchy 5/5 from Monterrey  
franch 100% real no fake 1 link megaupload  
Diagnostik 5 from E-burg  
gyn-sp 5/5 from São Paulo, Brazil. Wowwww!  
proyopal01 Amazing 5/5 from Colombia, I love it :)  
Peregrin Tuk Amazing  +1
ivanovich19752 5/5 The capital of the dark forces  +1
Get High Nah, that would be some forgotten city in Africa...  
fewg 5 from Joinville, southern Brazil  
Müller0205 5/5 from Brazil  
Lindemann Holy mother of lord satan!  
Sturm Graz Ridiculous photoshop work... 1/5  +25
Get High You're a really bad boy, don't you?  
3vallesgve Majestuosa ciudad!  
v-sun awesome! 5/5 from Bandung.  
Pak_Forever Tsar Bomba  +3
il fenomeno tacky photoshop 1/5  +9
Get High C'mon man! don't be so cruel.  
Дisiдent 5/5  +1
Brizer Apocalyptic!  +1
Tokei cool 5/5  +1
sand_castle 5/5 Fabulous and very fast growing up  +1
madsidsav Best ever.  
Oles 1/5 for Mordor  +20
Andr_Vigin Salo uronili!  +33
Get High Then you must come from north of the border.  
VLAD 007 Фантастически прекрасна Москва наша под таким буйством стихии !!!  +7
iBACuJIb too PS-ed for rejoice. 1/5  +5
jakobnguyen WOW!!!!, 10/5 from Odense, Denmark.  +3 this is awesome  
Mick Molte Look, they burned down their capital. Again.  +3
Verso My favourite banner of all times! ∞* from Slovenia.  +4
Mick Molte I love Slovenija. Do you know Tine Maze?  
Dstary 5/5 to Sauron's residence :)  +3
Gian/UD do you mean USrael?  
Haveblue Really amazing photo! 5/5 from Poland  +2
b0097 One of the best banners I have ever seen! 5  +1
Verso Jesus Christ!  +3
Volpacchiotto Really like this photo.  +1
SLASH_2 5/5 from Khabarovsk!!! г.М is Resident Evil!!! бу га га  +1
megajack Mordor sweet Mordor 5+  +8
vaduc What is this? Nuclear blast over Moscow? Picture of the future? :-)  +7
Evrasia 99911 5/5 (amazing!)  +2
dars-dm Who can vote this masterpiece down?  +2
inefekt Likely photoshopped = not a masterpiece. Do a simple Google search, nothing remotely similar to this photo comes up. But hey, I could be wrong....  +4
Get High I would say Frodo and the fellowship did it.  
Caio Capela How a fake photo can be masterpiece?  
Falshivomonetchick За такое только 5!  +3
johnfalkon 5/5 from Ukraine  +2
xirix Looks like Sauron's home :)  +1
Edil Arda Looks so fake.  +4
Blackhavvk But its real  
Get High Just like your statment.  
deeprussia 5/5 from Orenburg  +1
David MJ 5/5 from Indonesia  +2
David MJ It's a strom ?  +1
Federation2014 5/5 любимой столице! Я люблю тебя, Москва!  +8
redcode 5/5  +1
badang-nd wow wow. Is it photoshop???  +3
Get High Hell no! it was just mother nature...  
croomm Amazing!  +5
W-Hawk 5 from Vladivostok! Amazing shot!  +3