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titleGraz mountainscape
locationGraz, Austria
sourceBernd Thaller at Flickr
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 3.56, total votes: 243
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SpiderBHZ 2  
losangelino uhm, no. 1/5  
Sr.Smih I always passed by this city in Euro Truck Simulator  +1
defy 5 to Gradec.  +1
Дарни 10/10 from Arnold Schwarzenegger  +1
Amen or Bolzano Sud Tirol yeah I think Italians made people nice.  
Amen or Bolzano Sud Tirol yeah I think Italians maked people nice.  
Amen Austria is beautiful. I've been to Austria. I would love to live there.  
ericrocio Lots of grass. 5/5. 🤗  +1
desert_king It is oddly satisfying.  
Stazhar 5/5 from Belarus  
Saltkin ok  
Oles 5/5 very nice !  
treebeard3 nice skyscrapers 5/5  +1
Verso I don't really see Graz, but still a nice banner. 5/5 from Slovenia.  
Mick Molte Return slowenian clay ;(  +1
Geborgenheit A beautiful landscape.