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titleSantiago skyline from San Cristóbal Hill
locationSantiago, Chile
infoA view of Santiago the day after the biggest snowfall since 1971
sourceGabriel Soublette on Facebook
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 4.24, total votes: 1123
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Bonaerense24 Best skyline in Latam!  
RULO_MX Awesome, Beautiful city, 5/5 from Mexico  
Torobayo 5/5  
vanix AMAZING  
OscarSCL 5/5!  
LRenato eu estava lá ! 5/5  
leonidas64 Wow Chile 5/5 from Mexico  
Owa Chaupadi We want Chile and NY free of this sambos [youtube]pXf39ALkX1M[/youtube]  
Riocuartense 5 from Rio Cuarto - Arg.  
alarhu Beautiful city! saludos a todos los chilenos desde México.  
Grazhdanin 5/5 из России!  +2
XimenaFuentes 5/5 Good amalgamation between city and mountains  +2
ruifo 5/5 from Port-Au-Prince  +1
Oles 5/5 from Ukraine  +2
Torobayo Very nice, amazing  +1
Neutral! The world is upside down - greetings from Esteli, Nicaragua  +1
Arislu hermosa santiago, 5/5 desde buenos aires  +2
Daortíz Preciosa vista de Santiago, Felicidades! 5.0  +2
l0nd0n Really nice, lovely snowfall.  +2
titiritero mountains!!! Titanium and Santiago 300!!!  +2
Croevil holy shit 5/5  +2
guileite Amazing! Hermosa Santiago! 5/5 From Araxá, Brazil.  +5
de la laguna Hermoso 5/5 de México :)  +3
Towersla Beautiful!  +3
Luis_RiodeJaneiro One of the best banners ever !!!! from Brazil , 5/5  +11
Nacho_91 Chita la payasá! quedó buenísimo poh  +16
franch No conozco a nadie en Chile que ocupe esa expresióna tan weona XD  +5
Pepevrgs ME ENCANTO! Saludos desde México!  +2
Pikrecomezzi Wow! Amazing skyline  +2
naruciakk Nice perspective, 5/5  +2
lezgotolondon I would love to take an helicopter ride in Santiago to see it from above!  +2
igorp 5 from Rostov Russia  +3
camc1804 santiaGO  +2
bigtom only backwards westers europe has nothing (no skkyscrapers)  +1
INFLAMES 5/5 from Stavropol Russia  +1
YLFan looks like Lakhta center in the middle  
wmontano92 It being a long time since last time I vote and well this banner really got my attention the only thing I can say is "stunning"  +4
Filysv Vista espectacular de Santigo  +1
Filysv Amazing view of Santiago  +1
Alois von T Respect! Regards from Poland  +5
Ego_Fonseca I love my city! Everyone's welcome!  +1
Copperknickers Very nice. From UK  +3
qwerfdsa amazing *_* 5 from Ukraine!  +2
Joao Pedro - Fortal Love Santi! 5/5 From Brazil  +2
BECK Nice pic, nice city, nice country  +7
njenga kenya Nice would like to visit one day  +2
mariano90_arg 5/5 desde Buenos Aires  +2
Nort 5/5, totalmente merecido. Aún así echaron mal al pobre de Cavani  +1
kokomo Cavani??? WTF?  
goldkvist Loka.  
RodrigoB1006 Awesome shot. 5/5  +2
FG-BR Lindo  +2
fergape i love Santiago 5/5 from Buenos Aires  +2
B787W Lived there for 5 months and those two buildings were just being built in that city!  +1
newenquen Hermosa la posta de Santiago de Chile, merece 1000 vote o mas  +4
Lucas_Wild Amazing city! 5/5 from Recife  +4
A Chicagoan 5/5! I wish we had a gondola in our city!  +2
Luiz Vilela makes one wish to see it on several different hours through the day 5/5  +2
William_Matheus Amazing banner. Beautiful Santiago!  +5
Nico Grimaldi Southamerican Teheran I love U 5/5  +10
building demolisher La wea! so much HDI!! 5/5 from Mexico. Chile a good model for the region  +3
brain damage 5 from Buenos Aires, I have great memories from Santiago!  +7
Voorish-Gdansk Amazing 5/5  +3
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  +3
zikato Hermosa Santiago. Un abrazo desde Bolivia. 5/5  +9
felipea3 5/5 from South of Chile !  +2
Mascabrother Finally, a good banner.  +4
SebaFun ESTUPENDA!!! Felicitaciones Chilenos!! 5/5 desde Uruguay!  +9
GabrielLDB Great 5/5 from Brasil  +3
skyscraper 500 Amazing and beautiful city!! Of course 5/5 well deserved from México. Saludos hermanos Chilenos.  +3
SchizoGenius 5/5 from Prague.  +4
Gardel Buenisimo! 5/5 de Argentina  +4
Pietrin Now THAT is a banner. 5/5  +3
aoz1974 Wonderful, my homecity two weeks ago" 5/5 from Chile  +2
isakres Very nice picture! The Andes Snowed, the bluish reflection in the Costanera and surrounding buildings plus the red "detail" of the cableway going down from the San Cristibal Hill makes a very balanced pic. Greets!  +2
Mauro Martins Nice Picture....  +2
Quilpueíno Nice!!!!  +2
MKE-bound 5/5 from Milwaukee. Muy bueno! Love the city, love the country, love that skyline!  +7
Jorge Stgo-Chile That photograph should be from July, 15 - 2017, the day when it snowed intensely in the city. It is certainly a wonderful postcard. My city is beautiful  +3
Enhander ok we already understood  +2
Jorge Stgo-Chile That photograph should be from 07-07-2017, the day when it snowed intensely in the city. It is certainly a wonderful postcard. My city is beautiful  +2
[email protected]_Cwb 5/5 from Curitiba, Brazil. Great Santiago!  +2
rbma Great banner! 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu  +2
Jorge Stgo-Chile Esa fotografía debe ser del 15-07-2017, día en el que nevó intensamente en la ciudad. Sin duda es una maravillosa postal. Es bella mi ciudad.  +2
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +2
Vagamundo. Excellent!  +2
DanielFA Wow, this is going to be top, so the three best banners will be from South America (Santiago, Buenos Aires and Rio)!!! XD  +12
DanielFA Awesome! 10/5 Saludos trasandinos! :)  +3
Phcg 5/5 Powerful!  +3
Poncho Gro Simply Amazing. Greetings from Monterrey - México  +3
diego159 5/5 Great banner. From Narnia. :D  +2
Falshivomonetchick ¡Chi-chi-chi le-le-le! viva Chile! 5 from (Y)ekaterinburg, Rusia  +14
GoldenKid That's quite a shot! Beautiful skyline with the snowed mountains in the background. 5/5 from Mexico City!  +2
Skybord Beautiful city, amazing banner!  +2
Rafael Narvaja 5/5  +2
Inconfidente Fantastic banner today!  +3
César Oliveira 5/5 from Marilia, Brazil  +2
Kreys 5/5 from Russia  +4
JotaPe Great view, great banner. Southern Cone rules!  +2
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasilia to Latin America's most impressive skyline!!  +4
WalterDy 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil  +2
sergienko 5 from Ukraine!  +4
rockinmoz Really nice!  +2
oscillation 5* incredible  +2
St Marcus Hi, Santiago! See u tomorrow!  +2
Vadon What a beautifull photo! 5/5 from Ukraine, the land of free people!  +3
WasabiHoney Everyone is "gumming" over this picture and I suspect the Coastanera Tower dwarfing all the other buildings has a lot to do with this lol  +1
Enhander Let alone our Taipei 101  
JohBubey EXQUISITE  +2
Batista12 Perfect, 5/5!  +1
bogdymol One of the best banners I've ever seen on SSC!  +6
wojk never realized that this city is so awesome  +2
dysan1 fantastic little heard of city. It really should get more coverage  +2
Eugene11192 wonderful  +1
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +5
avto_trest 5/5 from Grozny, Chechenia  +3
Ruda H. Is this real life? Very beautiful.  +4
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg, Russia  +3
seamless20 wow! what a nice view! 5/5 from Colombia C=  +3
Hinterland wow, in which part of scandinavia is that city?  +6
Mascabrother Hinter you are chilean, what are you talking about  +1
William_Matheus The poorest  +8
Enhander he's being sarcastic of course. We would be in the poorest part of Scandinavia for sure.  
Amen What? This is South America? I thought South America is 3rd World. 5 stars  +5
Pedro Mendes Chile is the only developed in Latin America.  +1
Amen Peruvian women are hot  
E-Q-ANIME I love Santiago, it's sooo gorgeous with that magnificent backdrop of snowy mountains!!! 5/5 from San Diego.  +6
mixxer 5 from Mother Russia  +7
afim7 amazing...  +1
cameronxdegziade stunning! 5! Greetings from Birmingham/UK!  +4
kraxx WOW and 5 from Sofia, Bulgaria :)  +1
Marsupilami At last we can see a good picture of the santiaguinian skyline. Greetings from London  +10
BadgerCT I want to go to there  +1
Danny316 Nice  +1
Guille22 Simply stunning!  +1
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan!  +3
Leeooo Wonderful!  +1
vegorv 5  +1
Tropical Guy Santiago "dances over the face of the enemies"!!! 5/5 from Brazil!!  +7
diego159 5/5  +1
Sokol-Saratov Magnificent! 5/5  +2
felipesantiago 5/5  +1
Peregrin Tuk 5  +1
b0097 Awesome banner! 5/5  +2
Minnesotan in Chile This is a great view of Santiago. Although I haven't been on the new cable cars, I have been up to the observation deck on the 60th floor of the Costanera Tower, and the views are fantastic! 5/5 from Curicó, Chile!  +5
gyn-sp 5/5!!! from Brazil  +3
DarkLite Best South American banner I have ever seen  +16
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad - awesome!  +3
Tryambakam Amazing!! 5 stars  +1
Miguel S Finally a good Santiago photo!  +4
Bonaerense24 5/5  +1
Sunkid 5/5 from Ukraine  +4
MALPICXA 5 from Venezuela  +4
Kahars 5/5 from Brazil!  +3
Klugermann Amazing view 5/5  +2
nachop666 Looks like to a middle east shithole. 5/5 from Argentina  +1
Maxem Wow!!! 5/5 from Argentina.  +3
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +4
disposal Fantastic view!  +1
Harkonnen I jumped from the Galata Tower in AC Revelations! :D  
Raley 1/5 to the capital of la tripa  +2
Minnesotan in Chile CTM!  
Guille22 ctm  
Fabouninou lots of potential  +1
Serg48315 5/5 from Siberia Russia!  +6
goschio Truly first world. 5/5  +13
estebanzx Perfect!  +1
Vladivostokchanin I want to go there now >__< 5/5  +2
franch Teheran  +7
Vladivostok2012 +5 Russia  +7
hafidmarocmaroc95 Nice from Morocco! 5/5  +3
tech_1 Bernabeu, 5/5  +2
Rocky031 5/5 from Croatia  +8
meteoforumitalia WOW!!  +2
xanterra Very nice!!! 5/5 from Cologne to Chile  +6
V.BOBR Absolutely TOP banner  +5
forward_a Nice!  +3