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titleAbu Dhabi skyline
locationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
infoAbu Dhabi skyline with the Arabian gulf in the foreground
sourceforum user Burj Khalifa fan
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 3.05, total votes: 311
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Euro-Maracay Un 4, de Maracay-Venezuela  
losangelino Been a while since I was there last but this pic looks old. There should be many more skyscrapers than this. But no, it is no Dubai, only 30 short miles away.  
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Kekistan  
hnrt 1 point for the people and their city who would have no chance to live without oil. I hope Elon Musk achieves his goals. So we can finally say to F**K OFF to all Gulf states.  +2
A Chicagoan I don't like the black-and-white. It would give an "urban" feel to a New York or Chicago photo, but it doesn't work with Abu Dhabi.  
SurowyOjciec 4 from Poland  
MKE-bound 4/5 from Milwaukee. Unusual view of a Persian Gulf city! Good skyline.  
starcooler b&w good!  
WasabiHoney I knew a butthurt Iranian would make this comment sooner or later lol  
SurowyOjciec @WasabiHoney: Rest of the world is taught that this gulf is called Persian Gulf. Look at the Google Maps - the same name appears there.  +1
WasabiHoney @SurowyOjciec: yes I know that Persian Gulf is the correct international name. It's just that the capital letters in Unregistered's comment give an impression of anger :-)  
WasabiHoney @Unregistered: I have never seen a camel in my life and I'm not from the Gulf countries :) (thankfully)  
Ashtonian A better photo could be shown showing newer buildings to the right  
SpiderBHZ 1 from Brasilia cause buildings do not make a city.  +5
detta.priyandika 2/5 bored + desert  +4
Amen 5/5  
shaharyar.ahmed 5/5 few talls with highrise combination.. appears better than so many supertall clutters  
uN90D1y 4/5  
Loro. 5/5 Allahu Akbar  +6
Nightjar Abu Dhabi looked amazing in the the 1940s.  +2
treebeard3 gorgeous 5/5 from Brazil  
Palau 5 from Germany  
Al Hoceima City 5/5 from MOROCCO :)  
carzzz12 Abu Dhabi appears better than Dubai.  +4
Sechou +1. Looks more solid and combined imo  +1