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titleSentosa Island
locationSingapore, Singapore
sourceMarco Verch at Flickr
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 2.87, total votes: 225
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Sparks Bogota Le voy a dar un 3/5 :D  
wander-udi 1  
losangelino 1/5. Singapore is one of my favorite cities but no, this just won't do. Horrible.  
falp6 I didn't know that beaches of Singapore. 5 From Colombia.  +1
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Brunei  
SpiderBHZ 1  
CENTILION 5/5 from Stavropol, Russia!  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
embassyofaudrey Uh lala Land.  
KAMITY37 5/5 very beautiful city !  
Sechou wow, very unusual angle  +2
avto_trest 5/5 from Grozny, Chechenia