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titleTrogir cityscape
sourceSergii Gulenok
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 4.13, total votes: 469
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theAlien Fabulous ... 5/5 from the Netherlands  
Xenobite 5/5 from Russia  
cadre Lovelier now than 4 decades ago. 5/5 from Seattle, USA  
cadre I was there many decades ago. It looks even more beautiful today. 5/5 Seattle, USA  
B4rt 5/5  
rpl 5/5 from Recife, Brazil. Beautiful.  
Vaimaca Wonderful landscape! 5/5 from Uruguay  
Guga GM 5/5 from Brasil!  
BOSS this is a 6  
01PRC038 A little Venetian touch on the Illyrian Peninsula. 5 from Albania and Kosova 🇦🇱  
lezgotolondon Is this a Game of Thrones reference? 5/5  
Autostädter Filming location of Santa Fe in the German Winnetou III movie (which I love). 5/5!  
Sturm Graz 5/5 from Austria. Just a beautiful little city in a beautiful country!  
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
Pak_Forever 5 from Pakistan  
P_David BEAUTIFUL! 5 from Venezuela!  
danielf 5/5 from Medellín, Colombia. Already in my have-to-visit list.  
SurowyOjciec 5 from Łódź, Poland. Been there, beautiful city.  
salinovec 5/5 from germany  
Nightsky 5/5! Amazing, beautiful!  
igorp Wonderfu.l 5/5 from Russia  
dakel I've been there! Wonderfull place! 5 from Sofia!  
Caracala 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria, I've been there 3 years ago, well deserved applause  +1
Palau oh my god  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília  
quama 5 stars from Slovakia  +1
TheAngrySlav 5/5 from a half Croat living in Munich, Germany  
Kolačić And the second half is of course, Serb. And because Croats are actually Serbs, you are 100% Serb! :okay:  +1
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad - beautiful!!  
Gor_13 5 from Mariupol, Ukraine  +3
Perseus26 5 stars to Venetian architecture  +3
MountMan dobra  
Kolačić Beautiful Serbian town of Adriatic Serbia, owned by the Serbian tribe Croatuss, that were forced to take catholic religion and become Croats, with the help of Vatican to destroy powerful Serbian Empire that ruled whole Adriatic sea.  +6
Perseus26 Actually the reason these towns are beautiful is Venice, not Serbians.  +10
Sarcastic Saracen Perseus26, why do you hate serbians? Venetians are Serb descendants. Basically the same people  +7
Kolačić He hate Serbians because he knows in his heart that he's of Serb descent.  +5
Sunkid Please ban that Serbian nazi Kolačić.  +3
Kolačić I'm historian by profession, and I'm one of the bigger names in SANU. You have blind eyes and blind mind, and that's pity.  +5
FredPerry Venezia is Венециa (Serbia). Venezia is 105% Serbian.  +5
Sunkid Liar is your profession and SANU is a bunch of liars and imperialistic nazis.  
El Cortez 5/5 from Ljubljana, Western Croatia  +2
buzga 5 iz sarajeva :D  
Dal Bo this the legacy of Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia.  +5
axov 5 from Kraków / Poland  +1
mergedbear 5 from Mexico!  
essuera 5 from Russia  +2
defy 5 to Italy.  +1
Stazhar 5/5 from Belarus  
Harry Mason Happy to see a prosperous Croatia, free from Moscow-backed SSerbian genocidal imperialism. :D  +10
-random- The only genocide here was made by Croats against Italians. According to the Austrian census of 1880 Italians were still the majority (1960 out of 3129) despite the strong pressures by the Croatian community. In the meanwhile Croats got in power of the town and started carrying out a mayor cleansing: in 1890 (just ten years after) Italians population amounted to only 170 persons.  +6
Sarcastic Saracen Yes, poor Italians, only 60 million oif them against the worlds most powerful nation of 4 million Croatians  +8
Kolačić Pih, Croats wouldn't be Croats (the rightful Serbian tribe) without proper genocide. They did it 1941., 1995. and they are doing it now to themselves. Proper Serb descent.  +3
-random- @Sarcastic Saracen It was not Italy vs Croatia but more like Dalmatians vs Austro-Hungarian Empire. How do you think Slavs took the power in all those coastal towns though until then they had always been a minority and Italians been the ruling class? Italy was unified just a bunch of year prior to these events at the expense of Austria itself who, afraid of the strong italian irredentism in the area, supported the croatian communities allowing them to take over and get rid of the dangerous italian presence.  +2
Kolačić @-random- well, now it's over. you're not the rulling class, there are almost no italians there and serbian tribe of croatuss won once again.  +2
a_edin 10/5 :) Iz rajvoSa  +1
Skopje/Скопје Nice "neboderi" :D 5/5 from Macedonia  +2
dj4life Croatia is something very close to paradise :)  +5
Sarcastic Saracen yes, it is very close to Serbia  +5
k% I love Croatia  +2
Kolačić I love heroin.  +1
Volpacchiotto 5 for Croatian brothers from Ukraine  +19