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titleRecife skyline
locationRecife, Brazil
infoRecife's bursting central business district by the Capibaribe river, seen here moments after the sun had set.
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 4.14, total votes: 519
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LucasPE There are many haters here! Recife always wonderful  +7
amfalex Awesome city!  
St Marcus Photoshop detected  +6
-VM Envy detected.  +8
capricorn2000 5/5 great banner  
Vinícius Osasquense Lacrópole do nordeste!! 5/5  +5
Kripton The best banner from Brasil  +4
TheSkyscraperCitizen Congrats to -VM for providing such an awesome banner. The picture deserves not only five stars, but the whole constellation.  +4
Sr.Smih beautiful recife, but i still prefer salvador 5/5 from Poland  +5
St Marcus Hellcife  +1
-VM Preposterous.  +3
cupview Beautiful! 5/5  
Déa_ Recifeelings...  
viniciuspvh Recife downtown, beautiful  +1
Bonaerense24 Impressive 5/5  +1
Alfredocgf Very nice skyline! Beautiful city! 5/5 :)  +1
Lindemann 5 from Spain. One quick question... why are there not supertalls in such a big economy like Brazil?  
NetSpider Mostly for outdated and idiot laws of urbanistic projects plans in almost all cities  +1
Raffael Rocha *segundo la aeronautica*: es por la proximidad del aeropuerto en una ciudad. Pero tiene una ciudad en Brasil con varios edificios con más de 200 metros: Balneário Camboriu  +1
wander-udi The great cities of Brazil have height restriction  +4
Red River Very beautiful skyline. Recife sempre progressista, pra frente. Povo danado.  +1
lezgotolondon A nice Skyline in Brazil? 5/5 from Argentina  
GoSpurs as if nice skylines were common in argentina lmao  +2
Bruno Soteropolis Foto muito boa...bem trabalhada. Show!!!!  
muckie Wow, and that's just a small part of the city... Love from Rio 5  +6
Rago solid 5  +1
TheSkyscraperCitizen Shame on these coward haters.  +5
pokidyok 5 from Ukraine  
Bruto 5 from Belo Horizonte  
Calado My beautiful city, the Brazilian Venice! Greetings from Marlborough, MASS. Saudades  +2
mrjomaled beautiful skyline  
Sierrja 5/5 from Mexico, beautiful city !!!!!  +1
Augusto Leão 5/5  
pedroabj Really grateful for all the years I lived there.  +2
MatheusCroft 5/5. Awesome!!!  
Anthony Paradise Amazing  
rcpierozan OMG, just the best picture ever from Recife 5+/5  +1
pbeowulff Love it! Greetings from Aracaju  
PEiloveyou 10 from Massachusetts/U.S.A.  +1
PEiloveyou 10 from  
PEiloveyou 10 from  
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +1
Leonardo López 5/5 from Salvador. :)  +2
Julio Rocha Linda foto!  
Pedro Antunes Brazil yesterday, today and tomorrow. Haters gonna hate...Bjs :*  +1
Bruno Caruaru Perfeito  
Pedro Antunes RECIFE, LINDA E DIVA!  
ricardito_pjc TREMENDO!!! 5 FROM PARAGUAY  
pedrocdefreitas Vish! Q cidade arretada meu deuso. Perfeito. Magnifico.  
eduardoazul 5/5 from Rio!!  +1
Anticalaca At last a real picture from Brazil! 5/5  +1
Lucas_Wild I love this city!  +1
brny Are you guys sure?  
ruifo Yes,  
Juninho_ Gomes Perfect!! One of the most beautiful cities in the country!  +1
TheSkyscraperCitizen Terrific shot of Recife, hub of northeastern Brazil. Almost 5 centuries old and flaunting such a good shape.  +1
Ap_Recife 5/5  +3
Ap_Recife Perect!  +1
riveraconde Nice pic! Outstanding skyline! 5/5 Greetings from Mexico City!  
St Marcus This is Teresina  +1
TheSkyscraperCitizen Definitely not.  +4
ruifo Why? Recife it is  +1
sofarfromhere You wish, I wish.  
Vadon 5/5 from Kiev!)  
fhecher 5/5 from Bahia. Recife is amazing!  +1
velbujd 5 from BG  
SpiderBHZ One of the most beautiful cities in the country. 50000  +1
Leo_Recife Awesome shot and city!  
Ramarcosta Beautiful city  +2
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +2
Muyangguniang 5/5 from The Hague, The Netherlands  +2
Aztecgoddess 5/5 wow!  +2
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +2
Mateus Oliveira Recife AMAZING!  +2
Luis regio+tapatio Grande Brazil 5 de 5 desde Mexico  +3
Heraclito voce quer mexico?  +1
cassianoitu 5/5 Recife one of my favorite Brazilian's city!!!  +2
Guga GM Linda!! 5/5 from Vitória, Brasil.  
Robson Braga Very surprising for me this view.  
sofarfromhere Recife? Are you sure?  +1
ruifo Yes, very sure. why?  
Fortal1 Rapaz, tá TOP  +3
Daniel_Sousa Wow, seem New York skyline  +2
Rekarte 5/5  +1
RecHub 5/5 - "It is from the dream of men that a city is invented..." Carlos Pena Filho  +4
WML_REC Wonderful night view from the biggest metropole of North/Northeast Brazil. A cultural city mixing old historical sites and modern areas.It has also the biggest airport from the region!!!  +8
WML_REC 5/5  +2
Levita_ndo Olha gente, eles têm aeroporto!!! Kkkk  +5
MonWorldwide MARAVILHOSA !! 5/5  +2
Tiozão Lacre, 5/5!!!!!  +9
Zeus1972 2/5  
Julio_vr Cucaracha recalcada!  +1
Julio_vr Um dia veremos banner do muro que o Trump vai mandar vocês construirem!  
Julio_vr ^^ El México tiene iso todo y aun exporta pobreza para otros países! México es una fabrica de hacer y exportar pobres.  
Pernambucano Soul RECIFE, 5/5. Amazing skyscraper!!!  +7
Raniere Recife Espetacular! 5/5  +11
nick.english.dept Looking Mighty Nice!  +7
TheSkyscraperCitizen Congrats to -VM for providing such a awesome banner. The picture deserves not only five stars, but the whole constellation.  
TheSkyscraperCitizen Congrats to -VM for providing such an awesome banner. The picture deserves not only five stars, but the whole constellation.