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titleЕmbankment of Bruges in Yoshkar-Ola
infoYoshkar-Ola, the capital city of the Mari El Republic, Russia.
sourceRussia Travel
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Grazhdanin Красиво, но увы кроме этого новодела в Йошке смотреть больше нечего...  
jaceq just checked on gsv - wow! skopje v. 2.0  
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +1
VariousArtist Understood its fake, its like skopie... i don't like Russia... but guys, this banner looks... Woooooow :)))  
VariousArtist just checked that it's so funny legolend in real, but i'm still thinking that the banner is cool.  
ancov Wow!  
Rigz excellent!  
WalterDy 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil  +1
jalanajak Former president overcompensating not playing bricks enough in his childhood. 5/5, nevertheless.  
novorosuezd 5+ Новороссийск  
essuera ravings  
tirl 5 Москва  
BOSS 1  +2
ti6o 5 from Varna, Bulgaria :-)  +3
Slartibartfas It is fake but on a first glance it looks still nice nonetheless. 4/5  +2
losangelino I was excited that this may have been some cityscape that I hadn't seen before only to be disappointed that this is no more than some 21st century Disneyland mockup. 1/5 for no originality  +9
Cerrado 5/5 from Salvador de Bahia, Brasil  +2
Maks33 5 from the city of Vladimir, Russia.  +4
Moskauer 5 from Moscow  +3
maximN1 Copyright  +1
swat. 5/5 from Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia! These are our good neighbors!  +5
musiccity 5/5 for the Mari capital :)  +1
Volodmr 1 for fake.  +14
Vadon Mokshar Ola  +2
Dober_86 The architecture looks preposterous as any faux attempts but the shot itselfs look decent. 4 out of 5.  
sdm1976 5 из соседней Казани!  +3
glad 5/5  +1
Andy_L beautiful, but fake architecture  +6
Thiago |Klock| what is fake there?  
Brookleen Thiago, no ancient buildings, no original buildings. Just a copy of old Belgian architecture built a few years ago.  +2
Acryle Brookleen I wouldn't call it a copy, yet specifically Belgian. More like post-soviet provincial re-imagination blend of Belgian and Italian Gothic with Moscow Baroque. However kitschy and may it look it's still original.  
Wolkewietje Plastic town. Kitsch.  +6
Westchester Sq 5/5 большой Ciao из Милана  +1
Titan Man If they wanted to build a traditional-looking city, they should've gone with historical Russian styles, not faux European architecture.  +6
Davidinho Some parts of the town replicate Russian and Italian classicism. You can also find there 19th century Russian Baroque and authentic Stalinist architecture.  +4
RobertoBancrofth 5/5 de Goiania, Brazil  
Eric007 5 from Sochi :)  
Step_50081 Good, YO! 5 from Kazan :)  +3
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  +1
Askario 5 from Kazan, Tatarstan!  +3
DanielFA Wonderful! (⌐■_■)  +1
dirtyshock 5 from Nizhniy Novgorod.  +2
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  +1
gagaism Come one guys, it's still better than Skopje 2014 LOL. From me, 2/5 for the effort :)  
pokidyok even though I don't like disgusting users, the banner itself is nice. 5/5 from Ukraine!  +3
DjDeeeeeen Деревня. 1 из 5  +6
Илья Хоть это и новодел и вычурно. Но лет через 50 , это уже будут исторические дома и туристы поедут поглазеть в ваш город. А вообще ваша администрация непобоялась критики и построила такую красоту.  +9
Dober_86 Guess no. Hope the humanty will retain its sense of beauty and understanding that faux architecture is mediocre by definition. I presume we should always seek individuality not copypasting.  +4
makabreska Uuu, someone had huge, western complexes here.  +4
Eurotram Looks like it wasn't Russia,but some town/city in Denmark or Germany!  +1
Frane_Merikan 1 for kitschy Disneyland!  +16
kc_3011 Nice!  +1
Mikolka 2  +1
Mikolka 5  
[email protected] Пятерка от соседей из Казани :)  +3
SevenSlavicTribes fake Brugge made in Russia  +8
Maturion 5/5 from Germany. To Russia with love  +4
alexandr-M 5 from Eketerinburg, Russia  +4
keycap City on LA river  
markfos pure kitsch, typical for Russia and it's lack of taste.  +6
Blackinnocent 5/5 from the Philippines  +2
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad - beautiful!!  +2
scailain 4/5  
Balkanada Looks like one of those Chinese ghost cities that try to replicate European cities (in this case, Amsterdam)  +11
claroscuro Sounds like you forget Yoshkar-Ola is an old European city, pretty much as European as Amsterdam itself.  +5
Brookleen Sounds like you don't understand that there is no ancient buildings on this photo - everything was built in 2010.  +8
Infesus but sounds, like you born in 2010 xD  
Tennyson Vital 5/5 from Salvador- Bahia  
AlexSZ 5/5 from Omsk  +1
sand_castle Yoshkar-Ola looks very Dutch :)  +3
treebeard3 beautiful and historic 5/5 from Brasil  +1 1, for the horrible replica of the Bruges-Belgium  +21
treebeard3 stop being salty  +2
Davidinho Is there life in St Pete and Moscow? I would say that such cities as Kazan, Sochi, Khanty-Mansiysk, Yekaterinburg and even Krasnodar are more developed infrastructure-wise than those.  +2
defy А ну, чики-брики и в дамки! 5/5!  +2
Ufimets 5 from Ufa, Russia  +4
Saint-Petersburg 5  +3
orel2016 5/5 из Орла  +5
Омич 1  +8
shiz00 внезапно  +5
Leonidych 5/5 from Ufa  +3
alley cat 5/5 Йошке от Ёбурга  +15