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titleBoston skyline
locationBoston, United States
sourceMichael Muraz at Flickr
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 4.13, total votes: 396
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chavez 5/5 from Gdansk, Poland. I've been to Boston, very nice city  
CoDen Great shot ! 5/5 from Lyon  
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  
cassianoitu 5/5 FROM BRAZIL  
mrjomaled beautiful skyline for a wonderful city!  
carlos-PE 5/5 from Recife  
lezgotolondon 5/5 from Dropkick Murphys  
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  
UberMoose That is a great vantage point.  
Scott16475 Beautiful city and skyline. Only wish there wasn't a height restriction.  +1
Chikoelektriko Now that is a great Skyline... 5/5 from Tijuana  
MarioSky Brilliant!! 5/5 from Recife, Brazil  
rcandre81 5 I`m in Brazil  
Augusto Leão WOW 5/5 from Recife.  
CENTILION 5/5 from Stavropol, Russia!  
defy Liked it better in Fallout.  +1
eduardoazul 5/5  
Enhander Great band.  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
Beto-ura 5 from Brazil  
velbujd 5 from BG  
Muyangguniang damn Good 5/5 from The Hague, The Netherlands  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad - beautiful!!  
jandresp91 beautiful!  
Leonidych 5 from Ufa, Russia  +1
Askario 5 from Kazan, Tatarstan!  +1
la_parca 5/5 for the Commonwealth  +1
Matt 2012 Beautiful, 5/5 from Bs As  
arhimed2050 5 stars from Astana  
scailain 5/5 from buenos aires  +1
jakobnguyen 5/5 for one the most european cities in the Americas.  +1
nick.english.dept ★★★★★ Beautiful City!  
Sechou nice  
ancov Wow!  
jakeB 5 star from dubai  +1