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titleCape Town nightscape
locationCape Town, South Africa
sourceDuncan Rawlinson at Flickr
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 4.13, total votes: 336
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Arthur Baz Wonderful!!! 5 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil.  
Andrezito Fantastic! 5/5 from Cuiabá, Brazil.  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
PEiloveyou It looks like Rio de Janeiro.  +1
jar_007 5 from Poland  
cassianoitu 5/5 from Sorocaba BRAZIL..  
Andrew_za Beautiful City :)  
Chaos7 5/5 from Nis, Serbia, this is for me one of most beautifull city in world... Love ya!  +1
embassyofaudrey Vuvuzuela  
Cratus Looks like Rio.  
viniciuspvh Like Rio, nice place Cape Town  
Sparks Bogota 5/5  
fly-zone wonderful 5 from algeria 5/5 beautiful city  +1
St Marcus This is Rio  
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  
The E.N.D 5/5 and this is coming from a totally unbiased voter!  +1
mixxer 5/5 from Russia, 4 our S.African comrades!  +2
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +1
ken2000ac Absolutely cannot wait to visit in January. Fantastic banner.  +1
okach1 oh yeah, view from Table Mtn  
Avivshabo 5/5 from Tel Aviv  +1
Yousaf1995 5 From Pakistan  
MKE-bound 5/5 Spectacular view!  
XA-DUG Beautiful Cape Town with the Lion's Head making it even more interesting.  
NaijaSwag I might change my mind from going to Dubai to Cape town for my honeymoon  +1
Manauaras Pretty city. The Africa should be pround to have one city like that!  
viníciusMS 5/5 From Campo Grande, Brazil!  
Tiozão 5/5 from Recife!  
sofarfromhere Rio 2.0 ?  
Pedro Mendes Looks like Rio. 5/5  +1
treebeard3 Stunning! 5/5 from Brazil!!  +2
krabbertje15 The Fairest Cape Indeed! 5 Stars for the Mother City.  
BeogradskiVESLAČ The best place one back than 15 years old European could visit!  +1
Denis 2k17 Awesome city!  +1
nick.english.dept Beautiful city blessed in a gorgeous setting!  +4
kamranyeezy 5 from Azerbaijan  +1
velbujd 5 from BG  +2
FAVAustinTX Beautiful view, not so great photo, 3/5.  +1
ken2000ac Can you do any better?  +4
FAVAustinTX I have posted photos in the past and I've been trashed, what I just said is just a fact. If i post a photo I would expect any type of criticism, incluging the nasty ones, which is not what I did..  
ken2000ac Trashed eh? Then perhaps you're not worthy of determining whether a photo is "great" or not. Keep your shitty opinions to yourself; I think it's a pretty decent shot. Love, from an actual professional photographer.  +1
FAVAustinTX Yeah, just by people like you, who thinks is a knowleageble source of what a good photograph is, you should follow your own advise and keep yuor worthy opinions to yourself, dear.  
ken2000ac Lol ok - salty fecker.