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titleGuarapuava cityscape
locationGuarapuava, Brazil
infoLocated in the south-centre of Parana state in southern Brazil, Guarapuava is a regional hub for services and education offering beautiful parks and green areas to 180 thousand residents.
sourceforum user [email protected]_cwb
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 2.72, total votes: 294
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lezgotolondon nothing special but at least it's not ugly like 97% of the brazilian cities  
Jackson Papa Mike Beautiful city  
Lobo Bravo linda cidade!  
haffermann Nossa linda Guarapuava  
sofarfromhere Blowjob. LOL  
WalterDy 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu - Brazil  
Utente davvero. Very poor architecture.  +1
viníciusMS What???  +1
losangelino How does one go from saying Hong Kong is 5 and then say that this is 5? I don't get it. 1/5  +7
nataliabe Brazilians are troll  +3
okonoski linda demais  
VSGUARAPUAVA Bela lagoa, linda cidade!!  +1
César Oliveira 5/5 from Marília  +1
Pedro Antunes Brazil yesterday, today and tomorrow. Haters gonna hate...Bjs :*  
dtrost u know "Bjs" means something else in english, right? :D  +2
ksa_dude2006 5/5 from the Philippines  +1
tomaszek tomaszek "Guarapuava" - sounds almost like "Rubacava"  +1
St Marcus This is Teresina  +2
SpiderBHZ No, this is not. This is pure São Paulo.  +3
SpiderBHZ 1 from Brasília  +5
felis Greetings from Milano 2  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +1
cassianoitu 5/5 From SOROCABA BRAZIL  +1
Daniel_Sousa 5/5 from São Paulo  +1
stewie1980 Lets vote this to the flop 15  +7
Naipesky uhm, no.  +5
willman87 XD  +3
Ufimets interesting banner, 5 from Ufa, Russia  +2
Leonidych 3/5  +2