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titlePanorama View from top of Mt. Everest
sourcejunaidrao at Flickr
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 4.22, total votes: 620
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Re-L 100/5 from Samara, Russia  
High-Flyer Flat Earth!  
Bruto Gorgeous  
nick.english.dept Absolutely Stunning Skyline!  
KevoGonçalves 5/5 de Londrina, Brasil.  
AuriRojo Nadie supera a la NATURALEZA.  
aquamaroon Now that's a supertall!  
kokomo Gorgeous 5/5!!!  
rathalos17 Maravilloso,....  
ab_ltf fiver from Monaco Monte Carlo  
Mauro Martins Wonderful .....  
Sasha 74 5  
Graell 5/5 for the time being...  
cassianoitu 5/5 from Sorocaba BRAZIL..  
Miichal Great idea!  +1
Luiz Vilela pure bauty  
Buffaboy Creative!  
rakcancer question about that . 5/5  
Радиотехник I'd like to see skyline, taken from the marsian Olymp. But there would no one, marsian desert is unvisible from any points of top, you can see the Universe only :)  +1
the_escapist This was unexpected 4/5  
lollo2009 top  
Krzychu70 5/5 from Poznań, PL!  
RickLW 5 for picture, - 1 because it is not a city or a skyscraper. So I give it 3  
werner10 On top of the world!  
ericrocio So cool... 5/5  
defy 2, because nobody votes 2.  +3
Patrick Highrise ah the Himalayas, such a great place!  +1
SpiderBHZ 5  
Fabricio JF 5/5 from Vitória  
alexandr-M 100 from Ekaterinburg Russia  
Mick Molte what it needs is a Starbucks coffeehouse  +3
meninodevenus Flat Earth lol  
lezgotolondon 1/5 I cannot find parking there.  +1
griendt 1/5 we didnt build or create this....  +1
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
indaco1 A human can beat this building anything on the top of Everest :-)  
Nyma 10/5 No human can beat this  
Sunkid 5/5 to Everest  +2
arhimed2050 Shanghai and Dubai  +1
losangelino There is simply no comparison of Dubai's skyline to Shanghai's. None. 4 or 5 supertalls does not a Dubai make. Try hundreds.  
Harry Mason This skyline is unbeatable. 5*  +2
UnitedX No one human can build this  +8
UnitedX 101/10  +1
Miguel S Nice try, Nepal!  +2
Miguel S Nah srsly, 5/5.  +1
RecHub 5/5 from Recife  +1
Step_50081 So small mountains in compare to Earth's surfase...  +1
lumix153 Wooooooooooow! Fantastic!  +2
samba_man I wish i could see one day a forumer in the summit of Everest , waving a flag of Skyscrapercity :) 5/5  +17
fabg84 How humans so small...  +1
mamelux so far  +2
naruciakk Interesting, 6/5 ;)  +1
I do Ultra tall towers `-)  +3
Bassik 5/5 from Russia Saint-Petersburg  +4
psychedelic 5/5  +1
:-) Класс!!!  +1