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titleCuritiba cityscape
locationCuritiba, Brazil
sourcemariordo59 at Flickr
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 2.58, total votes: 325
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stewie1980 1/5!  
Zeus1972 Uhm nope, 1/5 from Mexico  +1
Re-L 4/5 from Samara, Russia  
Mr. Pollo meh  
Raffael Rocha bad picture, beuty city  
somrach1 they got to be kidding me lol  +1
LeonardoCotrim Bad pic, beautiful city  +2
Fortal1 Definitivamente, a foto não faz jus à beleza da cidade :/  
DanielFA 1/5 for this awkward banner! :(  +1
Mauro Martins My home city .... OMG, what a terrible picture !!!  
manuelmonge MEH  
viníciusMS PUTA QUE PARIU, não tinha foto pior não? Falta de noção total colocar uma porcaria de uma foto dessas.  +3
MarcelloNYC horrible picture for such a beautiful city  +2
Busco Again...  +1
Geovanne Angelo Que foto horrível! Curitiba merecia algo melhor.  
ArtZ 5/5 from Bydgoszcz, Poland to "Polish Capital of Brazil"!!  +1
jose l. horrible, Curitiba doesn't deserve this banner  +3
FelixMadero vergonha alheia...  +1
jsbscosta Who's choose this picture? Curitba is a beautifull city, that's is a horrible picture.  +2
Brazilian001 Probably that Unregistered guy.  +2
cupview Someone is trolling Brazil. The country has incredible cities and lots of beautiful places, but lately they have posted several badly chosen photos. It seems purposeful  +3
Pietrin Brazilian forumers keep sending the worst pics of their cities. I love Curitiba, it's my favorite capital but this pic doesn't deserve to be there. 2/5  +1
Pedro Antunes Brazil yesterday, today and tomorrow. Haters gonna hate...Bjs :*  
rcpierozan Bad picture! 1/5  +4
losangelino uhm, no. 1/5  +2
SkyJeff troll  
Milo! Not really good banner but interesting city  
Jdolci I live in Curitiba and can say that this must be a joke.. Someone just picked up a picture of a distant neighborhood with bad quality and send it. Even me barely recognize the city. Its for sure a troll.  +13
St Marcus This is Teresina  
Vargas Essa vontade de mostrar cidades brasileiras de qq jeito!! Ta parecendo favela!  +3
Thiago |Klock| poor picture of a great city. 3/5 from Curitiba, Brazil  
Vargas 1  +3
jaceq sorry, bad banner  +4
Rodriogs que sacanagem com Curitiba kkkk  +3
SpiderBHZ 1 from Brasília.  +3
ericbreno Vulgo local onde minhas encomendas ficam restritas por meses hahahahah  +1
towerpower123 The city of the first Bus Rapid Transit system, that has lead to the death of dozens of rail-based transit projects as everyone tried to copy Curitiba.  +3
gandhi.rushabh1992 BRTS provided an in-between solution to middle sized who were not yet ready for Metro-Rails and had grown too big to be served by a simple bus system. Revolutionary project, hats off 5/5 for the project, 3/5 for the photo. I guess the cluster of highrises you see in the photo are the result of a BRT backed Transit Oriented Development high density corridor.  
FGVSP nice city horrible photo  +9
fastrak44 Thank you Jamie Lerner  
gyn-sp Curitiba possui belas panorâmicas vistas de parques...  
MassinissaMTL 1/5 from Algeria,,, shiet photo  +7
Thiago |Klock| Of course bruh its seems to be a joke to Curitiba, cuze the city is amazing and has a thousand of beautiful angles. Didnt get why they choosed this one...  +1