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titleSyaskie Ryadki village
infoTraditional Russian village — a vivid rural place of peace and tranquillity, far away from the big cities, concrete, and glass skyscrapers. Sometimes life here a tough, but local people always keep kindness at heart. Years passed and as industrialization came through, many villages were gone, but they live in our hearts, remind us where our roots are from.
sourceGalina Klyasuk
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 4.13, total votes: 512
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cassianoitu 5/5 FROM BRAZIL  +1
Arkanit 5/5 from St Petersburg Russia  +1
Julio Rocha 5  
lezgotolondon 5/5 from the Trump Tower  
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  
Busco Now that is how you take a photo!! Latin Americans - learn from Galina!  
Equario 1 from Kyiv, Ukraine  +10
ekat99 haters gonna hate  +10
Sunkid So don't hate, don't start wars and don't steal lands  +5
Anticalaca Probably that's the reason you are s.king US, right? Because they don't make wars, sure  +4
Re-L 100/5 from Samara, Russia  +7
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia / из Македонии  +2
pokidyok Cows 2.0  +3
eduardoazul 5/5 from Rio.  
MKE-bound Beautiful rural scene, but no skyscrapers...(?)  
forward_a Nice!  
Pedja_Nbg 5/5 from Serbia!  +1
disposal When I was a child, I often was in the Russian village. I know what this picture does mean. 5 stars.  
Legen.. Wait For It 5/5 from Brasil  
Mplsuptown What a beautiful picture.  
Urbarbore Perfect picture and perfect place. It seams a dream. 5/5  
Ysh excellent! 5!  +1
Infesus 5/5 from St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation  +3
Valter 5/5 from Brasil  
juricaperesin This one hits the nail !!! Awesome picture !!! 5/5  
DanielFA 5/5 from Argentina. Lovely pic forma an awesome placer! XD  +2
CoDen Superbe ! 5* from Lyon  
alexandr-M 5 from Ekaterinburg, Russia  +1
csendesmark superb lights, nice capture  
NEGRITO beautiful scenery and contrast of colors and the lake gives it also a nice touch...5/5 from ((([email protected])) mexico  +4
jaceq wow, great shot!  
c123 5 from Poland. Great photo!  +5
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  
gwrdn 1/5  +8
Vladivostok2012 +  +1
v-sun beautiful photography 5  
fserges Where this city is located?  
SitnikOFF In the Leningrad region. On the coast of lake Ladoga  +4
julioctz 5/5 from Bajio zone, Mexico  
igor 5  
Tokyo/Manila For mother russia!!  +3
@[email protected] #milf  
Michal_Rad This is nice. To lubie!  +1
Utente davvero. 5/5 from Brasilia, Brazil.  
johnny_machine Beautiful village and sentiment Galina. 5.  
tirl 5 from Zelenograd  +1
deVatazator lie!1  +2
Sunkid No cows - no stars!  +5
Chaos7 Nice 5/5 from Nis, Serbia.  +3
zcsx 5 from Moscow  +2
DespoT.кr 5/5 from Sevastopol, Ukraine.  +19
Federation2014 Where is it?  +17
Sunkid In Crimea, Ukraine  +16
SDriver West Crimea, Ukraine.  +12
vegorv crazy dreamer  +7
Noren_ Cimea is Russia, Ukraine is Parasha  +6
Sunkid Russia is Parasha, Crimea isn't Russia  +5
MisterIks Мин риза.5/5,бәхессез!  +1
vartal Great!  +1
Ufimets 5 from Ufa, Russia  +2
martin_marksman bik matur. 5/5  +3