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titleMagnitogorsk skyline
locationMagnitogorsk, Russia
sourceekamag at Fotki
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 3.39, total votes: 575
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BadgerCT Helloooo? Moderators? English only? Politics etc will be deleted?  
zZero Steam-punk-industrial style  
zZero Steam-punk-industrial sty,e  
aoz1974 "Magnitogorks, the siberian Pittsburg" (my geography teacher told that all the time in 1988)  
treebeard3 5/5 from Brasil  
Anak-tij Global Warming Skyline Banner  
lezgotolondon Beautful russian industry 5/5 from Marx  +1
meteoforumitalia I wonder what's the sense of wanting to publish something like this  +1
BaltimoreColts welcome to hell.  +1
AuriRojo ¿A quien se le ocurre colocar una contaminante zona industrial como banner del día?  
Омич 5/5 looks cool  +1
BOSS 1 for Mordor  +6
Josh Romero 5+++ Be one, brothers!  
Buffaboy Typical Siberian winter day, I like it. 4/5.  +1
rango58 from Pereira Colombia, i love Russia forever! 100/5  +3
E.Abramovich So this is the official poster for the holydays this year?? I mean look that snow.  +2
WasabiHoney lol  
aubergine72 Hell on Earth. Even the name is depressing.  +1
WUNDER-BAUM soviet union skyline  +3
ovnours oh god!  
Josedc quite the change from picture-perfect Porto...  
siamu maharaj motherland!!! 5/5  +1
DeaconG You sure that's not northern New Jersey?  +1
Kanapki Wow! This skyline has balls!  +2
b0097 5. Beautiful industrial skyline!  +2
AutoUnion 5. Russia forever!  +1
maximN1 It's piset's  +2
playmannn Blyatiful  +6
Tiaren I swear every third oh so banner is that of a Russian city. Am I imagining things, lol?  +3
Davidinho There is a banner submission section. If you habe good ones, you can submit. Russians are active in that section, others - not.  +2
pokidyok If you don't have a good banner, you can submit $hit like this. No need to be ashamed bro  
212** Baltimore had a much prettier steel mill and it was the world's largest for a long while before it was finally torn down in 2015.  +1
Voorish-Gdansk Is has certain rough, industrial beauty. 4/5  +1
Mick Molte Magnitogorsk radi, Chelyabinsk se gradi :(  
Sunkid 1/5 Ugly Industrial Hell. No skyscrapers, no architecture.  +19
CucuBau Time travel: Second Industrial Revolution! (end of the nineteenth century).  +3
Evgeni60rus 5  +1
Rocky031 5/5  +1
asp373 Finally true winter banner.  
Gyorgy Something different 5/5  +1
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 из Македонии / from Macedonia  +2
Davidinho At least we can see about three dozens of 100m+ towers (chimneys). An interesting industrial skyline. 4/5  
NickNN amazing wiew  
ericrocio It looks cold...  +1
андрій1988 в комментах пару кацапских пердаков сгорело это есть гуд  +2
maximN1 Wtf  +2
kuznetskiy i'm Russian and I don't think it's a good pic. we have so many great cities to show, but definitely not stuff like this  +2
freezz Special for all hohlands! This "dira" sells metal as much how many all your Banderia... aptekayte))  +11
Sunkid It is NOT a forum for metallurgists, it a forum for skyscraper lovers.  +4
AbdurrehmanKhan why is this even a banner  +1
pokidyok Cows 3.0  +2
Dmitriy RND Beautiful! Better than Porto or Vitoria!  
asparagus91 Если цивилизованные страны давно разрабатывают технологии безотходного производства, эти гордятся, как они гадят в атмосферу. Типичное поведение русских.  +16
VeryJetRanger Особенно хохлы в этом преуспели. Угробили всю промышленность, и правильно, зачем селюкам тяжелое машиностроение?  +16
Sunkid Это вам ваши СМИ рассказывают про "угробленную промышленность"? )))  +8
asparagus91 впрочем от русских кроме ответа в стиле "сам такой" ничего не ожидал. Это их философия походу.  +8
Name-20 А ты был на крупных металлургических заводах в этих странах? Металлургия везде не чистое производство !!!!! И кстати до вашего майдана мы производили 10 млн. тон продукции(2013 год), а после стали производить больше 12,5 млн. тон(2014). От типичного рагульского поскакать выиграли все металлурги РФ.  +4
asparagus91 еще одна особенность русского ума - обязательное упоминание скакания и майдана в каждой реплике.  +4
Davidinho @asparagus91 как-будто это русский ум написал "гадят в атмосферу", "типичное поведение". Не было б коммента, никто не вспомнил бы как вы скакали за кружевные трусики. А сейчас за что скачете? еще не придумали?  +3
Sunkid Разве мы ежедневно повторяем "гадят в атмосферу"? А вы постоянно повторяете это свое "скачете", словно дети или психи.  
asparagus91 какая связь между морально устаревшими предприятиями и "скаканием"?  
Maks33 A typical industrial cityscape! 5 from the city of Vladimir.  +1
Antoshka Странно, бод баннером надпись "Магнитогорск", хотя на картинке отображён ММК.  +2
SpiderBHZ 1  +4
андрій1988 следующую фотку ждём петушка из говна которого слепили умельцы из России  +15
Davidinho а вы только и делаете, что ждете. пока вы ждете, Магнитогорск стал одним из мировых лидеров по производству стали, металличских сплавов, труб, которые идут на строительство небоскребов, целых жилых районов, железных дорог и т.д.  +8
Sunkid Какая разница, чем он там стал? Это что, форум по металлургии?  +3
INFLAMES не, следущим будет твой рагулисранск  +2
RedCoppa 5 from Ufa!  +4
IgorTCRS24 Bravo russi! Bella città!  +6
josealvesjr wtf  +2
MelcToxic Not much love for steel towns, i see. Fellow skyscraper enthusiasts, where do you think skyscraper-stuff is made?  +10
oilpower 5/5 from Ljubljana. This is real reality!  +3
autonauta The scariest, least environmental friendly banner ever. 1/5  +12
Davidinho Average cities such as Berlin or London, have worse environment (statistically!) than this steel-complex  
cassianoitu 1/5 from Sorocaba Brazil.  +5
deVatazator destroying the planet  +7
Davidinho 1. Russia is the only country in the planet with net positive ecological impact. It is considered lungs of the planet. 18.5% of world's forests are located in Russia which produces only 2% of industrial production of the world. They can produce 10 times as more, staying with positive ecological impact. 2. Average cities produce dozens of times more CO2 and other warmhouse gases (with their vehicles) than such industrial complexes. Therefore that's hypocrisy at its best - when you vote for Los Angeles or Beijing not considering environmental impact, whereas vote down for Magnitogorsk in the middle of the largest forest in the world...  +7
WasabiHoney Russia is certainly the lungs of the planet in terms of forested area, but please get your crazy Mayak nuclear reactor (and who knows which others) under control if you want the world to believe that net positive ecological impact story. Besides, contributing to only 2% of the world's industral production does not necessarily mean only 2% of harmful industrial emissions as well. Germany for instance has more industrial output than Russia but a lot more environmental sensitivity and much stricter regulations, which makes it a less polluting country as a whole.  
WasabiHoney But you're right, downvoting Magnitogorsk for being polluting while giving Beijing 5 stars is just hypocrisy. I just don't like this banner (though it's really impressive in a sense) because I find such industrial scapes ugly and depressing.  
Krosh WasabiHoney, please check the stats about energy sources in Germany. You will be surprized. There is huge (about one-third of the total) share of brown coal behind all that beloved solar and wind farms. Yes, the worst energy source is among the top contributors to energy balance in Germany.  +2
iceicebaby Могли бы лучше сделать ...где мужик с мечом блеать!  
alley cat It is not Magnitogorsk. It's Magnitogorsk Iron And Steel Works  +1
Chaos7 Nice pic, it's not every banner here only about beauty of nature or architecture it's also about nice pictures and moment's of all life what are earth give to us.  +2
okach1 о дааа, как круто, скайлайн из дымящих труб из-за которых люди дохнут в 45 лет. 1/5  +5
defy А ну, чики-брики и в дамки! 5/5!  +1
gorazde_66 Eastern Bloc nature  
●●●●●● 5/5 from Poland  +2
WasabiHoney Seriously... Only Russian forumers think a horror fest like this is a great banner idea (unless it's just another trolling attempt?) On a brighter side, this picture has an awe factor to it and shows the rest of the world what a city should NOT look like.  +34
forzen Just you are not romantic.)  +2
Sunkid He is not a zombie.)  +2
Kapudrant Nice industrial skyline :-)  +1
Sunkid Are you kidding?! WTF? 1/5  +29
MKD_BG 5 из Болгарии!  +4
DjDeeeeeen Ну и дыра. Единица  +5
:-) Есть ли жизнь на Ма......, нет ли жизни на Ма..... науке это неизвестно :)  
Angarsk Russia - mighty will !! great glory !! +5 from East Siberia  +17
Brookleen A shithole.  +23