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titleMar del Plata skyline
locationMar del Plata, Argentina
sourceforum user gastongesell
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 2.94, total votes: 282
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César Oliveira 5/5 from Brazil!  
rodineisilveira Main balneary city from Argentina, Mar del Plata was one of the venues from the 1978 FIFA World Cup (held in Argentina), as also held the 1995 Pan-American Games.  
gyn-sp 5/5 from Brazil  
Darthsergius great pic, congrats!  
JorgeORandall No me importa lo que diga la mayoría, 5/5 desde México.  +1
yukatan_boy Mar de plata es una ciudad muy bella para tal foto!! 1/5 . millones de fotos mejores  
geozil patética foto. flaco favor le hace a mardel.  +3
LeitoStafe Beautiful city - awful shot.  +2
Leandro_lenz linda ciudad, foto muy debil  +2
FelixMadero que es esto??!!!  +1
DanielFA Awful pic for a wonderful city! :(  
DanielFA Awful pico forma a wonderful city! :(  +3
martinalagui Te mató el autocrrector. XD  
martinalagui Autocorrector* -.-  
JotaPe o tanto brindis de año nuevo jaja  +1
sludge-factory Beautiful city, bad pic :c  +1
Vtroy Was the picture taken in 1978?  +13
naruciakk That's why it's wonderful :D  +1
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília  
lonner Hermosa ciudad.  
Pepe potamo A bit dark, but not bad at all.  
corner63 Mar del Plata, The Happy City.  +3
LVM Me encanta mardel!  
cassianoitu 4/5 from Sorocaba Brazil.