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titleMelbourne skyline
locationMelbourne, Australia
sourceDavid Greenwell at Flickr
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 4.22, total votes: 465
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mbm16cr Stunning!  
Sparks Bogota two  
the dogi Happy New Year!  
capricorn2000 happy happy new year everyone!!! 5  +1
DanielFA Happy New Year!  +1
MarvinRoiPoussière Spectacular 2018, cheers!  +1
ojakure 5/5 Happy New Year from Ecuador  
akam Excellence  
akam 5/5  
DeaconG 5/5, 30 miles away from Melbourne's sister city, Melbourne FL  
Junkie Happy New Year from Skopje  
Fabouninou Happy New Year Internet !  +2
edd91 Jesus..!! At first I thought kim jong un bombed the City :S 5/5 by the way  
DZH22 5/5 from Melbourne's Sister City, Boston  
Cratus Happy New Year from Brazil  
Intheburbs One of my favorite cities  
A Chicagoan Melbourne is in 2018 . . . I am at 9:00 in the morning, still in 2017.  
essuera 5  
Ufimets Happy New Year!  +5
Username1939 Great city! See you again Mebourne, for sure!  
Username1939 Great city! See you again Melbourne, for sure!  
Username1939 Great city! See you again Melbourne, for sure!  
Antoshka Сперва подумал, что город объят огнём...  
kukubells happy new year to everyone 5/5 from the philippines  
Maks33 Happy New Year to everyone! 5/5 from the city of Vladimir, Russia.  +1
Evgeni60rus Урааа мой любимый город!!5/5 из Питера  
Fabricio JF wow 5/5  
St Marcus Babadeira, meu amoooooor!  
mauserr Как будто несколько квартир с газом взорвалось в разных частях города  +1
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília. Happy New Year Australia. Happy New Year everybody! Feliz ano novo!  
a_edin Happy New Year from Sarajevo!  
ericrocio Its that time of the year allready?? Happy New Year Australia... 5/5  +1
chennaidesi Happy new year 2018 - From Philly  +1
KAMITY37 5/5 very beautiful city !  
benjaminn Happe New Year / Feliz año nuevo :)  +1
EMArg Have a very happy 2018! ;)  +1
Marcos S. S. Happy new year SSC!  +1
samba_man Happy New Year Straya  +1
Loro. Btw, Happy Fucking New Year  +2
Loro. Bravision land 5/5  
IcaroSP 5/5  
cassianoitu 5/5 from BRAZIL  
lumix153 Woooooooow! Happy new 2018!!!!!!!!!  +1
nick.english.dept ★★★★★ Beautiful City!  +1
Melbourneguy 5/5 ecause I've seen it in person and it is spectacular.  
Parravillian Looks ok... 3/5  
Ufimets 5 from Ufa, Russia  
Bassik 5/5 from Russia Saint-Petersburg  
detta.priyandika NAIF  
redbaron_012 OK, I live it...I love it...New Years in Melbourne has been sharing with my grandchildren for a dozen years now...