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titleMerry Christmas!
infoJanuary 7 is the Christmas Day for many Orthodox Churches that are still using the Julian Calendar. The picture shows a view of the Resava Monastery (also known as Manasija). The fortified monastery is located near Despotovac, a small town in Eastern Serbia, and was founded in 15th century by Despot Stefan Lazarević.
sourceManasija Monastery
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Paranormal phenomena Looks like a model. A model you get with those model trains. Nice. 5/5  
dmferreirap Merry Christmas from Portugal to Serbia!  +3
Citizen6° Merry Christmas Orthodox brothers! 5/5  +4
siamu maharaj WTF? Should be labeled Happy Holidays. 1/5  
Parravillian Don't be silly...  +1
@[email protected] Looks like Playmobil  
Pepe potamo Srbija! Such a cool country. I miss its punjena vesalica  +4
JMR75 --But we already had christmas this season --What about second christmas?  +1
Elixiro Merry Christmas for all Orthodox of the world, from Algeria  +6
Ranko SuNS!! My Serbija  +1
buzga sretan bozic  +3
bratislav To all people that today celebrate: Христос се роди! Merry Christmas!  +2
*mustafa* Nature and human beauty ... 5* from iraq  +5
RickLW Low marks. It is not a skyscraper/ construction. On the wrong media.  +3
Bela Sova I see 11 medieval skyscrapers... By the way, SkyscraperCity is not only about skyscrapers. I recommend you to explore it more, because there are Architecture Forums, Photo Forums, News Forums, Creative Corner and many more.  +24
invincibletiger 5/5 from India  +4
lezgotolondon 5/5 from Christmas  
Grazhdanin 5/5 из России!  +9
gorazde_66 Beautiful monastery, 5/5! Merry Christma from Bosnia  +7
Chameau Respect for Serbia from France.  +9
jalanajak Милләттәшләребезнең Раштуа бәйрәме котлы булсын!  
r_sad perfect illustration to the fairytale  +3
croomm Христос Воскресе! Привет Сербии из России  +8
deutscherI Христос Воскресе? Don't you celebrate Christmas, not Easter. Again russian intelligence  +3
Parravillian Just a few months early...  
Дisiдent lovely place 5/5  +2
alexandr-M Merry Christmas! 5 from Ekaterinburg, Russia  +6
SpiderBHZ Feliz Natal!!  +3
Drenicaku Looks really nice. Srecan Bozic from Kosovo!  +8
Motherussia Христос народився. Славiмо Ёго! Merry Christmas . 5/5  +2
sahiesh merry Christmas  +3
_BPS_ 5  +2
Fio241 C Рождеством! Merry Christmas!  +4
vacat Merry Christmas! Nice place to visit during holiday btw...  +2
Boza KG Христос се роди! Merry Christmas!  +5
Adpenturz Selamat Natal from Indonesia  +5
Yousaf1995 5/5 From Pakistan  +3
jio1992 შობას გილოცავთ!  +3
CENTILION WOW!!! 5/5 from Stavropol, Russia!  +9
VY9977 Merry christmas to all atheistics from the EU :)  +1
krabbertje15 Beautifull and Merry Christmas from the Netherlands!  +3
Parravillian Christ is born! Христос се роди! С Рождеством Христовым! Merry Christmas to all Orthodox faithful!  +8
V_E_J_Z_I_K Merry Christmas!  +2
xrtn2 Merry chritmas from a catholic brother in Christ !  +7
VariousArtist Hohoho! Merry Christmas, guys :)  +4
Singidunum Merry Christmas!  +5
Junkie Merry Christmas to all Orthodox from Skopje.  +12
Infesus Merry Christmas!  +4
Icewave Merry Christmas everyone from Egypt .. Orthodox Churches is the major Churches in Egypt.  +28
Gabriel900 Merry Christmas  +7