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titleZamora, the pearl of Romanesque art
locationZamora, Spain
infoPanoramic view of Zamora, with the Romanesque cathedral in the foreground, and the Duero River bordering the city.
sourcePatronato de Turismo de Zamora
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 4.12, total votes: 339
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Paranormal phenomena Beautiful. 5/5!  
Luis Tapatío Hermoso! desde México  
cuartango Zamora, beautiful Castile city!  +3
lmzamora Zamora, la perla del Románico  +2
ericrocio Que Viva España hombre!!! 5/5. Claro... Hala Madrid... jejeje  
reggi bannister Zamora , the most underrated City in Spain.  +1
Inquisitor I agree with you, Zamora and Caceres are the most underrated spanish cities  
CNGL Zamora, known for its many romanesque churches and its many postcodes (33 for just 63,000 people)  +1
vittorio tauber Zamora, an unforgettable goalkeeper. 5/5 (both the town and the player)  +1
building demolisher 5/5 from Hispania Nova :)  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
MrPwnage I have been there, It is a nice place.  +1
miami1 Love Spain, I'll visit Zamora in October  +3
twixpk 5 from, Saint-Petersburg, Russia  
ericrocio Greetings twixpk We also need more banners from amazing St Petersburg  
lezgotolondon 5/5 from Italy  +1
FreeMyMind One of the most beautiful cities in Spain, just 1h10 away from Madrid by highspeed train! I recommend it to everyone. Castilla y León is amazing.  
JogadorDeSimCity wow! 5/5 from Brazil!  
KAMITY37 5/5 es una ciudad bonita.  
SpiderBHZ 5  
Aranou Fantastic city and fantastic picture, with the Duero/Douro River  +2
franciscoc the city of Europe with more Romanesque monuments: cathedral, twenty-four churches, a castle, walls, a bridge, two palaces and nine houses  +7
Santi.M Spain is beautiful. 5/5  +4
dmferreirap Beautiful city! 4/5 from Coimbra, Portugal  +1