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titleSeattle skyline
locationSeattle, United States
infoCentral Seattle looking south from Gasworks Park
sourceforum user geoffloftus
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 4.02, total votes: 340
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Paranormal phenomena If it didn't have the blue colours in some of the buildings I'd probably say 4/5.  
Paranormal phenomena Seattle always looks good at night. Especially with that old futuristic space TV station tower/lookout in the far right of the pic. 5/5  
Neutral! E S T E L I - C E N T R A L - A M E R I C A  
Motherussia 5/5 from Spokane WA. Getting denser every year.  
just4ivaylo 5/5...from West Seattle. :D  
MKE-bound 5/5. One of my favorite cities for 30 years!  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília  
_BPS_ Sleepless 5/5  
_BPS_ Sl  
nataliabe Seattle  
nataliabe :D  
The World Flyer decent skyline  
MENA55 5/5.... Looks better during the daytime though. Nonetheless Amazon is transforming the city!  
geoffloftus The original is here: [link]  +1
SR-71 5 from Funchal, Portugal.  
mhays As the skyline turns more 2D, this view from the north is almost as good as the view from the west.  
Chikoelektriko 5/5 from Tijuana  
Bron yr aur Beautiful city with a quickly expanding skyline  +1
username unnecessary The pictures form Seattle are always fantastic. 5*!  
Cat man do Which one is Fraser's pad?  
RickLW 4 is about right without gettin too excited. A top skyline, but not quite one of the really big ones!  
mitri4 5 from Dnipro, Ukraine.  +1
IngMarco Gotta love emerald city!  
mygz14 Love Seattle!  +1
Axelferis if it was european skyline i would have put 5 .I just give 4  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +1
cassianoitu 5/5 from BRAZIL  +1
Top Fella Just your average copy and paste American skyline with an observation tower.  +4
Harry Mason Far better than a grayish and polluted Russian city with a few skyscrapers and full of Khrushchevkis  +2
erbse Seattle is much better than anything "average". Go there and check for yourself!  +3
hnrt so true +1. put some big towers and fake ancient buildings somewhere, there is your american city.  +1
faster90 salo yronili.geroym salo  +1
MassinissaMTL 5/5 from Montreal - Canada  +1
nick.english.dept ★★★★★ Absolutely Stunning Skyline! 5/5 for the Emerald City!  +3