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titleSan Gimignano skyline
locationSan Gimignano, Italy
sourceDi_Chap at Flickr
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 4.04, total votes: 282
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all depression 5/5  
Llanowar 5  
buzga 5 from Sarajevo!  +1
LAA_CCS San Gimignano, the genesis of the skyscrapers cities?  +4
RickLW Good for history forum. No good for Skyscraper & developments 2/5  +1
meteoforumitalia relax!  +2
Balkanada There's more to SSC than just skyscrapers. This is a forum of urbanity and what you see here is a historical example of that. Don't be so autistic  +5
ikeamen Islam a bad?  
pakistani1 More like Sam Gimignano  +1
Copperknickers 5/5. The original skyscraper city.  +1
Zaro Could've been better. The medieval Manhattan has much more beatiful aspects to offer.  
MKE-bound Beautiful! 5/5  
LCIII Was inspired to visit based on a different banner. Beautiful in person  
LCIII Was inspired to visit based on a different banner. Beuautiful in person  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília  
willman87 Bellissima Italia!  
mashine1984 5/5 from Sofia!  +1
Propatorius More beautiful places like this one 5/5  
LuisCP06 Any old city from Europe, Asia, Middle East deserve 5 stars, from Mexico :)  +1
axov 5 from Kraków / Poland  +1
Vicvin86 world of tank abbey map :P  
claroscuro I don´t care much for the picture, but I still gave San Gimignano a full 5.  
mikvlvz 5/5  
MassinissaMTL its so old 1/5  
dochan Assasssin's Creed!  +5
erbse First skyscrapers, ever! Geil.  +2
RajaZ Awesome city  
lezgotolondon San Gimignano 911 A.D. Never Forgetti 5/5  +2
Eikichi I went there once, that's really impressive and beautiful...5/5  +1
meteoforumitalia the first skyscrapercity 5/5  +8
Paranormal phenomena Stunning. 5/5  +1