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titleSaint Petersburg spires
locationSt. Petersburg, Russia
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 4.06, total votes: 522
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Harry Mason 1* to a typical Russian city copying Western culture and architecture.  
SDriver Boring. 1  +2
mrjomaled beautiful!! the wide Neva and the spire of the Peter and Pail Fortress defines the city  
building demolisher Awesome! 5/5 from Mexico with love. Disclaimer - I might be a Russian bot.  +1
Hold Adorable city!  
PANALEKS Питер как всегда великолепен.  
rodineisilveira One of the venues from the next FIFA World Cup.  
Harkonnen Beautiful city 5/5!  
vegorv Питер без Лахты? ну вы учудили.))  
mangy Nice!  
Gordion 5/5  
BadgerCT english only, foreign comments and off topic issues (politics, currents events etc) will be deleted. What ever happened to the moderators?  +2
cadre Lovely. 4/5 from USA. Would have been 5/5 had Russia not elected Donald Trump.  
Di_msk 5/5 from Moscow  
b0097 5/5 from Sofia!  
Arkanit From Russia's second-largest city after Moscow.  
m85 2/5 from polskie miasto Lwów  +1
kowal1981 spier**** ruski trolu  +3
Sunkid С каких это пор ты из родной Казани во Львов переехал? Typical Russian troll.  +3
Stiggy ruski troll detected  +1
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  +1
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  +1
leo931 5/5 from Rio de Janeiro, a sistir-city!  +2
Автострада 5 от Всеволожска  
Ksenofob Nice photo, alas it's rather ugly, gigantic, megalomaniac & unhuman place  
Westchester Sq Too many Russophobics (and politics) in this blog... sad...  +19
Stiggy They're not rusophobics. They're just wise people, who understand what Russia is...  +4
Westchester Sq Stiggy. In the picture I don't see politcs but the amazing shape of the Trezzin's Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Troizkij Most spanning over the Neva river. Piter is a marvellous city, you should go there instead of judging who is wise and who is not  +13
Davidinho Westchester Sq, for "wise people" like Stiggy, the personal attitude towards a country is a criterion of evaluating the aesthetic impression of a picture taken in that country.  +1
Stiggy If u don't see politics here, why are you writing about it? Rusophobia, even delusional, it's still a politic topic, which u've started. And I can I asure you, that I know much more about Russia than you.  +1
Westchester Sq Ну серьезно говоришь?!? что именно ты знаешь о России? Там живешь, часто бываешь? Русских знаешь? Rusophobia could be a politics topic but also an attitude. I don't see the reason to post something related to politics here. PS) "but russian moderators don't care. What else u can expect" (that's you boyo)  
Stiggy Да, я прекрасно знаю русских. Намного лучше чем ты. И не начинай с русофобей. Для таких как ты, любое неположительное мнение о россии это русофобия. Или ты сам ватан на эмиграции, тогда нет вопрсов...  +1
Sunkid Какая еще, на фиг, "русофобия"? Это все равно что придумать "гитлерофобию". Россия сама себе завоевывает хреновую репутацию, и фобии тут ни при чем..  +1
Westchester Sq Stiggy, I don't want to enter in any personal discussion with you. First of all I don't know you, second I really prefer this blog was more about красота (bellezza, beauty). I was just disappointed in reading people spitting against one of the most beautiful cities in the world (in my opinion) instead of making comments or talking (positive or negative) about its architecture. They just pointed the finger against SPB because it is part of Russia. As you pointed the finger against me: "Намного лучше чем ты ; I know much more about Russia than you" . Большой привет из Милана, тебе тоже. I wish you a good friday night  
Stiggy Westchester Sq, nothing personal here. I was just trying to say, that comments here are just a natural consequence what russia is doing on geopolitic arena. And not every critic opinion is an example of rusophobia, most of them are reasonable and justified assessment. Maybe my "I know better than you" was too emotional (sorry;)), but what I was trying to say is, it's easy to have no complains about russia when living in a distance to it. Ukrainians, Poles and baltic people have not a great experience about "cooperating" with russia. Have a good weekend too, bro. :)  +1
Westchester Sq 5/5 городу Петра из Милана  +6
Yousaf1995 5 From Pakistan  
sand_castle Northern Venice 5/5  +1
Aztecgoddess 5/5 Sublime.  
mehanik.wagner 5/5  
lafreak84 magical  +1
Grazhdanin 5/5 из Кирова.  +1
Ilianski great city, bad photo 3/5  +2
SooL Похоже на ядерный взрыв.  +4
dostoevskiy Найс сити, zamechatel'nij gorod!!!  +3
CENTILION 5/5 from Stavropol, Russia!  +6
Volpacchiotto 1 from Sevastopol, Ukraine  +15
Igor622015 Tnx from Kiev, Russia  +23
peiv Малоросс испытал боль и унижение  +5
[email protected] он не малоросс, а великоотсос  +8
Stiggy У ватанов бомбит.  +4
Igor622015 а по моему у одного поляка...  +2
Stiggy Поляки тут ни при чем. Главное, что вам больно то, что Volpacchiotto написал)))  +2
vegorv "Больно",ахахахахаха  +2
TSK27M Would love to vist once they treat ALL their citizens with respect & tolerance...  +2
hermit Is this Tzar-bomb detonated in the background? Anyway 5/5  +2
kynn мои любимые болтца! 5/5  +2
chevyvolt 0/5 for any city in the Empire of Evil from Bulgaria!  +7
kevloral The city of Mr. Hexogen. 1/5.  +5
pokidyok Nice city, nice pic. Unfortunately no relation to skyscrapers and city's up-to date look  
deVatazator I do not like swamp 1/5  +7
Davidinho swamps don't like you either  
Limassoler Like a baroque painting inspired from a fairytale.  +3
corvus_edin 5/5 one of the most amazing cities I#ve ever been  +5
Ufimets 5 from Ufa, Russia  +3
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  +1
Ysh The city of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. 5/5.  +6
Stiggy Political comments are forbidden here but russian moderators don't care. What else u can expect?  +2
Ysh Stiggy, I am sorry, do you believe me?  
kowal1981 0/5 rubbish  +9
Krzychu70 5/5 from Poznań, PL!  +6
Koloman Amazing city! 5/5 from Vienna/Austria.  +5
Jabunja Пятёра Питеру  +2
BadgerCT I want to go to there  +2
Svetlix 5/5 from Pleven, Bulgaria  +3
username unnecessary Beautiful picture! 5*!  +2
broadpulicer 5 фром Бългериа  +2
Boris_54 Love Santa-Pe  +1
ti6o 5 from Bulgaria  +3
essuera 5  +1
hmm17 5 to Bomzegrad  +1
gwrdn 1/5  +11
Pepe potamo This is not 5, this is 6/5.  +3
sofarfromhere Beautiful  +2
Busco Good to know what the sun will look like when it finally explodes.  +12
Igor622015 5 from Novosibirsk, Russia  +3
Vladivostokchanin Mama-Russia  +2
lezgotolondon 5/5 from russian bots  +6
jakobnguyen 5 from Odense, Denmark. Love Russia!  +9
vartal 5!  +3