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titleParis skyline
locationParis, France
sourceJulien Charles at Flickr
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 4.14, total votes: 473
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willman87 IMO Best Skyline in EU!! 5 to our french neighbours from Bilbao, Spain.  +1
El_Fer C'esr magnifique! París! 5/5 San Luis, Argentina  
losangelino Nothing extraordinary. Paris gets points for just being Paris. They need a few supertalls to distinguish their skyline. Beyone the Eiffel Tower that is. 3/5  
A MaYor Prra Delete it, the old Paris looks elegant and the new looks modern and there's nothing wrong with the skyline  
SaltilloPCM La ville la plus belle du monde!. Saludos desde Saltillo, México  
napowen 5/5 from Clécy  
jml13 5/5 from Marseille  
ericrocio I love the esplanade at La Defense. Its truly 21 century Paris. 5/5  +1
*mustafa* nice skyline for night , , although i like the "traditional" paris . . 5*from Iraq  
DanielFA OMG!!! 10/5 from Buenos Aires  
roballan 5/5 from Mexico.  +1
Gordion 5/5 from London  +1
Lucas R why it doesn't say (La Defense) and with Buenos Aires you put (puerto madero)?, like if Puerto Madero wasn't really a part of Bs As  +1
Harry Mason 5* Paris is the THE CAPITAL of the European continent. Buy Paris. Sell Moscow.  +1
DimitriV Impressive skyline! 5 from Ukraine  +1
Busco 5/5 to the Dubai of Europe.  +2
RickLW if its the Dubai of europe I will knock off 3 then, down to 1.  +4
ericrocio Nooo... you can't compare Paris to anywhere else. The city of lights is just one of a kind.  +1
Elpaseador67 5/5! From Mexico  +1
wander-udi cinq  +1
MassinissaMTL 5/5 from Montreal - Canada  +3
Augusto Leão Paris 10/10. From Recife  +1
lumix153 Vive La Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!  +2
Physchy 5/5 One of the top 5 cities in thw world!  +1
naruciakk Well, technically it's not Paris ;)  +2
viníciusMS 5/5 From Campo Grande, Brazil!  +1
chevyvolt 5 from Gameloft Bulgaria!  +1
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  +1
Minnesotan in Chile The picture is ok. It looks like a bunch of random office buildings in any random city. I didn't know it was Paris until I read the description. 3/5 from Curicó, Chile. There are better pictures out there.  +2
Gerard91 If you look closely, that little yellow tower on the left side is the Eiffel Tower.  +4
SkyJeff I see this as envy  +2
Urban Legend 5/5 from Tel Aviv, Israel.  +2
KingJack Mafia A perfect score from Cauayan City, Philippines  +1
SkyscraperSuperman Let's keep politics and city bashing out of here. Paris is a great city; one of Europe's greatest. Best wishes from the UK!  +7
fly-zone 5 from algeria  
Blingchampion 5/5 from Aarhus, EU/Denmark  +3
CaptChappie Many frustration here. Paris has a beautiful skyline, the parisien business district is amazing ! 5/5  +8
JimB La Defense is great. Definitely one of Europe's best. Which makes it all the more a shame that certain French (and other) posters have gratuitously turned much of this thread into a London bashing thread.  +2
Kadzman Initial salvo was Paris bashing, from someone named "lezgotolondon".  +1
stesus85 Paris is the best example of spliting modern and historical architecture in constrast to London, Moscow and etc!  +9
CoDen One of the best panorama of La Défense. 5 from Lyon.  +3
TheRings 5 for my beautiful and powerful Paris ! Paris above all ! ;)  +1
Axelferis 5/5 of course  +2
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +1
Fabricio JF 5/5 Magnific La Défense  +1
Volpacchiotto 5 from Sevastopol, Ukraine  +1
UnHavrais 5/5 pour Paris !!!  +3
olarreaga 5/5 from Spain  +3
Top Fella Didn't realise how bitter many of the europeans on this forum are towards the UK, it's quite humorous.  +3
KiffKiff 5/5 for Paris La Défense, and its capacity to trigger of tears among some frustrated trolls everytime.  +4
eomer Awesope picture of La Defense Skyline with Eiffel Tower at the background 5/5  +3
aaabbbccc Love it . Amazing beautiful city of lights  +7
John Vadio amazing  +1
Bassik 5/5 from Russia Saint-Petersburg  +2
bigtom 5*, except this is not Paris, those are cities of Puteaux and Courbevoie  
velbujd 5 from BG  +2
Ufimets unusal Paris  +2
djmaxliving 5 from Ireland, screw London.  +14
Top Fella The bitter potato pickers out in force.  +2
SkyscraperSuperman Why even mention London? I don't see any reference to London in the banner, your comment is completely unnecessary. Keep your bitterness out of here, it's not needed.  +4
SpiderBHZ 3. I'd rather the classic "Parri"  
dydyusa 5/5 ! Look that skyline and you can feel the power of the French economy led by its world's top companies.  +5
sand_castle Headquaters of terrorists and rats 3/5  +2
dydyusa 5/5 ! Look that skyline and you can feel the power of the French economy led by its world's top companies.  +4
lezgotolondon 1/5 from The Offense  +2
improvisee JAJAJAJAJA  +3
lucky5 You really do hate Paris don't you?  +1
Axelferis why you play this?  +1
iceicebaby 5 from Chelyabinsk, Russia  +2
Supercell Paris for ever !! 5/5  +2
pberz very modernist 4/5  +1
V.BOBR 5 from Dnipro.Ukraine  +3
helg One of the best skylines in Europe, 5 from Russia.  +3
LordMayhem 1/5 Doesn't look like Paris at all, completely destroys the heritage of the city  +5
BlackArt-ist La Défense district was built outside Paris historical boundaries so your comment makes no sense  +31
Substructure Would you see the classical poster child Paris, I bet you would complain it looks stuck in the past... Haters gonna hate  +2
lezgotolondon from the people that built La Tour de Montparnasse