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lumix153 Currently the best city in the EU....but out of the EU, it will never be the same city again, slowly and surely it will become an isolated place.  
CrossC ugly city  
midrise What a child might feel/say toward a  
Supercell Grey...  
Baboulinet Leave means leave we dont want you in eu anymore.  
TSK27M £/4 for that horrid shot..Is a great city with better vistas than that!"!  
detta.priyandika looks like cities in ASEAN  
sand_castle Old photo, no Shard  +1
SkyscraperSuperman The Shard's off to the right, out of shot. It's a recent photo for sure - you can tell by the Canary Wharf skyline in the back. :)  +1
Iggui not the best angle. the interstate (385) overpass obstructs some of the skyline.  
Art Nouveau City 5/5 from Ukraine  
Sandblast Melbourne's skyline is mega ..... it has to be the most impressive skyline in the entire Southern hemisphere!