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NetSpider For at least 1 year I'm having the same problem as stevekeiretsu, the current banner loads on the topics on the main site, but not in this voting page.  +1
ruifo Same thing here  +1
Tropical Guy 5/5 from Salvador/Brazil  
jguima 5/5 from Chapada Diamantina-Brazil.  
pevigs Top 5!  
Joao Pedro - Fortal Such an old picture! ;/ (5/5 for the city tho)  
Aujen That picture has been taken 3 weeks ago ...  
luno26 Beatiful !  
Mick Molte Should be renamed as Agrokor.  
PanKicu 5 From Szczecin, Poland!  
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +1
Art Nouveau City 4/5 from Ukraine  
d.henney Wow!  
stevekeiretsu still can't see what i'm voting on but the manner on the main site is a hong kong sunset which is 5/5. looking forward to this page being fixed  +4
brick84 Awesome! 5/5 from Italy  
LEINADXXV 5 from Katowice