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Art Nouveau City 5/5 from Ukraine  
PanKicu 5 From Szczecin, Poland!  
rodineisilveira Split/Spalato, Croatia.  
Haveblue Definitely worth recommending for your next holiday trip. This place is just great!  
MKE-bound Beautiful scene, but ""  
Mick Molte Stabbing capital of Croatia  +2
midrise It is gang related....not the usual for this Beauty...  
Zerg Beautiful Africa with electricity :*  +5
Caracala бялата перла на Адриатика, 5* от България  +2
eMKejx 5/5 beautiful city! From Slovakia  +1
Cr_Wills 2 sorry everyuang  +1
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +2
mario_zadar COLOMBIA  +1