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Mplsuptown Beautiful city. Visited twice back in 74 when I was 15yo. Even got to see the Tattoo.  +1
makoppa The best city on that island!  +2
maxinorie Beautiful. How they would say it in Britain: "Edin, bruh" :)  
PanKicu 5 From Szczecin, Poland!  
TSK27M 5/5 for happy student memories...Just before I finished in Edinburgh a friend who was an architecture student said to me on Princes Street "Do you realise how wonderful this city is?" He was brutally killed in Algiers some years ago..I look at this photo and think of him, his love for life and passion for his art....  +3
Marsupalami my home! - capital of independent Scotland by 2022. F**K Boris!!!  +4
ken2000ac Haha, this is amazing! Love this :)  +2
Zerg You could already be independent, but no, let's lick english balls just a bit more...  
MassinissaMTL European architecture is the nicest architecture in the world  +3
midrise European architecture ????....what type is this???  +1
Neutral! *****  
eMKejx 5/5, love these streets, in horizon 4  +1
lenin wow!!beautiful!!  +2