banner of August 11, 2019

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sand_castle 5/5, there are nice areas there  
michaelis 5/5 from Slovakia  
kevloral A banner of Severodvinsk would be more apppriate at this time... All in all, 1/5.  +2
Packie 5 from Kraków.  
Aequo animo not impressive at all...  +1
036Almere Depressing 0/5  +2
f][sh Bears, vodka, balalaika :)  
WMS OMG best ever 5/5  +1
twixpk Welcome to Ebenya  +2
Volpacchiotto Terrible, 0/5 from Ukraine  +8
Saudad [email protected] 1  +2
Boris_54 kool!1  
Pimenov Так себе