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BLD66 A beautiful and relaxing place. First Pacific beach in WA. I ever visited. 5/5  
Mrzer0x The Twilight banner  
Mitleser Why is it called La Push?  
geoffloftus From Wikipedia: "The name La Push is from French La Bouche, meaning "The Mouth" of the Quillayute River, adapted into Chinook Jargon"  +2
geoffloftus La Push, situated on the Pacific Ocean, is the largest community within the Quileute Indian Reservation. Original is here: [link]  +1
Proterra I've got family south of there in Taholah. (although the Quinault and Quillayute are supposed to hate one another :-P ) Automatic 5/5 from Gdynia, PL :-)  
losangelino They sorely need a few more supertalls in that town.  +4