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lezgotolondon 5/5 from Ashdown Forest  
uwhuskytskeet Save Hong Kong  +1
churro357 5/5 : )  
RAYMON Amazing view from the Ritz Carlton!  
VY9977 fox union charlie kilo CHINA  +3
SamOtten Democracy will win!  +5
Damijanic91 doubt it  
rodineisilveira Hong Kong, Eastern jewel.  
RonnieR I miss Hong Kong. :) Cheers from Manila.  
bitolado HK is HK  +2
ICOSIUMCITY Standing with you HK.. 5/5  +3
midrise The real action in HK is on the streets, democracy.....too be able too continue what was there before the bullies took it back.  +3
Ekumenopolis I took the same pic while having a beer at Ozone!  
Michal_Rad Hong Kong - the best country in Asia 5/5  +2
velbujd Perfect!  +1
Дisiдent Hong Kong is Chna 5/5  +1
PaulP Fantastic place.  +2
Bobbomil Fantastic place, nice people, best brother over there!  +2