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Sunkid 1 from Ukraine  +1
d4vp03 Yharnam, is that you?  
AlexSZ 5 from Omsk  +1
antius 5/5 from Kharkov (Russia)  +3
Art Nouveau City You're not from Kharkiv, you're a lying Russian vatnik from the Russian city of Muhosransk.  +2
Art Nouveau City And I have never heard of the city of Kharkov but I know the city of Kharkiv.  
alex_lv WTF? -256  +2
Saudad Of course 0. Bad Wishes from Kyiv  +2
Ring101 Of course. Jump higher  +1
Sunkid Of course. Post ugly banners and cry louder about rusophobia.  +1
Art Nouveau City Awful city and bad banner :(  +3
djoledjole The most beautiful city I've ever been in! 5 from Serbia  +6