one on one of July 4, 2012

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eurocup • round 2

32 of Europe's most popular skyscrapers have seen selected and lined up. Ranking is based on the votes given during the nomination round.

Commerzbank Tower

259 meter • 1997 • Frankfurt • Germany » info

City of Capitals

302 meter • 2010 • Moscow • Russia » info

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megacity30 The City of Capitals- one of the greatest and most iconic supertalls in Europe!  
Galandar CoC gets my vote  
DzhendoyanV Moscow supertalls are magnificent  
Thanial Went with Commerzbank, but am not surprised that City of Capitals is smashing it.  
Derbendy City of Capitals  
Llinass I jus cannot believe what I see. Comerzbank - one of a few magnificent, iconic Europe buildings losing to this poorly designed brutal architecture. This is just not right  
Alexenergy CoC is BEST!  
alex1808 I love RUSSIA!!!!!!  
alex1808 City of Capitals - THE BEST!!!!!!!  
mattjrphoto Commerzbank Tower  
OldBoy137 City of Capitals  
vartal City of Capitals of course!!!  
Róka Commerzbank Tower  
kjnb Commerzbank Tower  
ArtZ City of Capitals  
Union.SLO Commerzbank by far.  
EddySarajewo CoC  
Keyone ГС  
traveling dude COC!!  
the man from k-town commerzbank!  
jome_omt Sorry but I've never liked Commerzbank  
DZH22 CoC, Flame Towers, and The Shard all on the same side of the bracket. Winner takes all.  
DZH22 The problem with the Asia Cup is everything is still U/C. Probably over half the entries would be U/C, some barely so. Asia cup should wait until a few more of its spectacular towers are finished.  
QalzimCity c0c win even it is an ordinaire... EURO IS DAMN BORING!! WHY DONT WE HAVE ASIA CUP! it would be a hell of awesomeness!!  
David Protest this eurocup is so boring, finish it at last  
Tchokan city of capitals  
Kanto COC  
stpleco Oh dear... City of Capitals will go through again. That sucks.  
Lausanne Bye Bye Commerzbank. Finaly  
Sheridan Commerzbank.  
Evrasia 99911 CoC  
kamranyeezy City of Capitals  
Radiokott City of Capitals - the Best in Europe  
SmokeCity CoC  
тон City of Capitals!!!