one on one of November 7, 2012

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night cup • round 1

This tournament lines up 16 skyscrapers illuminated at night to find out which skyscraper looks best at night! If there is a relevant video available, you'll find it in the info link.

Flame Towers

Baku • Azerbaijan » info

111 Eagle Street

Brisbane • Australia » info

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Armin.Hushi Flame Towers  
Kanto Flame  
Tair Flame!  
Concrete Stereo I won't vote this time. Light supposed to subtly strengthen the excellence of a building, not to make a cheap joke out of a city !  
Only Flame Towers are GREAT!  
Only Flame Towers are ADORABLE!!!  
vartal 111 Eagle Street  
GFM 3D What have I done to dererve this...  
PontayMontay Flame Towers!!!  
MyHeartIsYours definitely Flame Towers  
ThatOneGuy What other towers have moving flame lights on their side?  
Tchokan flame towers  
Daşlı Oğul Eagle street is very typical buildings. Flames are unique=)  
RyanWolf Flame Towers of course !!!  
Denjiro Light your Fire!  
OldBoy137 Flame Towers  
Imax33 Bakuuu....!!!!!  
Che7779 Azer  
Ferahim Flame Tower  
xvoidx Flame Towers resemble alien tentacles  
Babel_ambitions Flame towers are S I L L Y !  
urban.girl Flame towers look so flame! Love it!  
jome_omt Brisbane ;)  
Thanial 111 is great, but Flame Towers should win this whole competition.  
kjnb 111 Eagle Street  
kamranyeezy FLAMEZZZZZZ GOGOGO ! ;)  
Sheridan Brisbane.  
nathandavid88 One One One Eagle Street for sure! Instant Brisbane landmark!  
redcode 111 EAGLE STREET  
korablev Both towers are good. But I root FLAME TOWERS due to idea and magic concept!  
BaKuCiTy F L A M E . T O W E R S . B A K U  
Dimethyltryptamine 111 Eagle Street  
bakiliboy Flame Towers looks original and grand! Definitely got my vote :)  
thedurringtondoctor Baku looks like bloody leaches. Not going to vote.  
Xtreminal Flame Towers. Burn that eagle away!  
joky_pty Eagle wowwowow from Panama  
jdjones Was Eagle Street even nominated?  
Turan. Flame Towers! Absolutely the winner!  
Mircavid FLAME TOWERS !!!  
ArtZ Flame Towers, of course  
Johnny_kgc Flame Towers!  
Singidunum Flame Towers Baku! Although the 111 Eagle Street is quite interesting, it's just that I am not sure if that is permanent.  
Mike____ Never liked the flame tower..  
KJBrissy Defonately One One One.  
ooh Brisbane by a country mile.  
anarek Definetely flame towers;)  
mammadov Flame Towers!!!  
Evrasia 99911 Flame Towers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!